Dinner with Grandma and Grandpa

Bill had a late night at work and Hooper and Shauna invited us to the Spaghetti Factory for dinner.  It was raining cats and dogs on the way there.  It went from being sunny to a total downpour!  Everyone was soaked!  The kids love the Spaghetti Factory - the food isn't that great, but the atmosphere is definitely kid-friendly!!  They enjoyed spending some special time with Grandma and Grandpa.


Fall sports have begun…Dance and Soccer Soccer Soccer!

Olivia was super excited to play soccer again this year.  Her team's name is the "Hot Tamales."  Emmy Meacham and Halle Sheffield are both on her team!

Cute Kelle has class right after Olivia.  Olivia LOVES dance.  She has a new teacher this year because she moved up a level to "Mini Stars."  She was a little hesitant going into class with Mrs. Stacy, but she eventually warmed up and came out all smiles!  We love Jazz N' Place dance studio!

Will was also super stoked to begin soccer season.  He's on a team with a bunch of his neighborhood buddies.


Summertime at Papa and GG's

We have been loving spending so much time in Papa and GG's backyard this summer.  Especially when it comes to picking fresh produce - the kids think it's the neatest thing ever and I sure love having all the fresh produce!!  I'll miss it come wintertime!!


Labor Day Weekend

We had a pretty laid back Labor Day weekend.  This sassy little gal got new pajamas and she was in Heaven!  Why can't I wear cute pajamas like that?

We went with the Reeve family up to Highland Glen for a little paddle boating.  I was shocked at how excited Lucy was to get into the boat since she's usually so afraid of the water, but she got right in!

Life jacket too small Lucy?