Lucy's First Birthday

Bill was out of town on Lucy's actual birthday so GG and Papa put together a little something for her to  celebrate.  It was her first go at real sugar and she loved it!

We celebrated her first birthday with her family and I'm sure she definitely felt loved!



Recent livvy funnies

O: Mom can Emmy come play today?
Me: Maybe
O: Mom, seriously, just think about it!

O: (as we're passing the cemetary) Yup that's where people go to get dead!!

O: Mom my tummy hurts!
Me: Why? 
O: Because I ate too much candy!

Lucy loves to drink the bath water


Begging for food

Lucy is the most content and sweet baby...she is so easy and goes with the flow EXCEPT when someone has food and they're not sharing! 



We were invited to come along one of Bill's boss' jeeping adventures in Moab this last weekend.  It was crazy fun and crazy scary at the same time.  The kids obviously thought it was so awesome!  We drove down Friday night, ate at Pasta Jays and then went out on a night ride to "Fins n' Things."  It was FREEZING!!  It took us at least an hour to warm up afterward.

The next morning, we headed off to breakfast at Moab Diner.  We immediately left to ride "Hell's Revenge."  It was crazy.  We headed back for lunch at Zak and then back out for our final ride, "Poison Spider."  The kids were pretty exhausted at the tail end of this ride and Liv even fell asleep!