Halloween was super fun this year, but way too busy in my opinion!  The kids loved the business, but I was ready to call it quits by "trick or treating" time.



Trunk or Treat

Best friends ...
Emmy, Olivia and Genevieve


One tough girl

Olivia had her first visit to the ER this morning after tripping and taking a face dive into her bed frame.  They superglued her wound together and put some sterile strips on it.  The wound wasn't very big, but it was really deep.  She was right back to being her spunky self within minutes.


Traverse Mountain Monster Mash

We took the kids to the school's Monster Mash.  It was complete with a haunted hallway, cake walk, costume contest and yummy treats.  Liv is Minnie Mouse this year, Will is Optimus Prime and Lucy is a kitten.  


Margie's Wedding at the Canyons

Random pic we got from Margie's wedding. Love this hunk a lunk!  It's amazing my hair was still intact after the downpour of rain!

Kindergarten school picture!

Gotta love em'

These kids are crazy, but I sure do love them!

This was one of those "at least they're playing nice" days.


We had a neighborhood Halloween party at our friends' the Cramers home. It was a blast! Of course, Bill won best overall costume.



Playgroup was not a success today. These boys are so adorable and I love each and every one of them, but they were crazy today!!! From marshmallows everywhere to plenty of rowdiness and ending up in the gutter river water, we decided to call it quits with a naked party while clothes dried in the dryer!


Fall run

Took a break this morning for a breathtakingly beautiful run from Suncrest down to the Draper temple. So invigorating!! I just love UT at times like this and I love all of these fun and adventurous friends I have!!



Painting pumpkins for FHE!


Baking spree

Yup I mastered some yummy homemade bread. This inspired me to try homemade rolls and apple pie from scratch - it was a success!!

Thanks to my little helper!!



Cornbellys has become a yearly fall tradition for our family!! We had so much fun!! Bill even decided to ride the bull this year!!


A chilly day at the farm!

We wanted to get out of the house so we decide to head over to the farm! It was chilly!!



Will got to FaceTime kelle in Sunday night. It was the cutest thing ever! Love these two!

Wills first field trip

Will has his first field trip to the Hee Haw pumpkin patch. He had so much fun, he came home and said, "kindergarten is the best!"

And she's pulling up!

Lucy started crawling at 10months and now she's pulling up on her own at almost 11months. She's so proud of herself! Go Lucy!