Game fun with GG

GG always knows how to have a good time!

Will's First Day of Kindergarten

Since we have been living here on Traverse Mountain, and we drive past the "big boy school" aka Traverse Mountain Elementary, we talk to Will about going there someday when he's a "big boy." Well, that day has come and Will has officially had his first day of Kindergarten. 

We laid out his outfit and new backpack the night before.  I made him a special breakfast, but he was too excited to eat! As we drove up to the school, I could tell the nerves were starting to set in. Once we got there, he immediately began to play on the playground and have fun. It was then time to line up and he got scared. He wanted me to come into the classroom with him. I ensured him that he was going to have a lot of fun and meet a lot of new friends. He recognized his teacher and got more comfortable! I peered into the classroom for a while before I could leave. As I was driving away, the tears began to flow! I thought they were going to be tears of joy as this has been a pretty rough summer with three little ones consistently at each others throats, but instead they were tears of sadness...how time flies! I'm so proud of him and I know he'll do great, but I want to always be there to protect him and make sure he's never uncomfortable! Love this boy SO much and can't wait to see how well he does in school!



I had the very fun opportunity (wink-wink) to take all three kiddos in for well checks at the doctor today.  Here are the results:

Height: 3'11''
Weight: 59 lbs.
Vision: 20/30 on both!
Will is obviously off the charts on all measurements.  However, he remains proportionate, which is what matters :)  He still has a slight opening in one ear from his tubes, which we need to watch.  His iron levels looked great, he got a couple immunizations and is all set for Kindergarten!

Height: 3'3" inches
Weight: 34 lbs.
The doctor commented that Olivia was speaking so incredibly well for a 3 yr. old.  We always like to hear that.  He talked to her about her private parts and about stranger-danger.  Binky has to go, but other than that, everything checked out great for Olivia!

Lucy Jane: 
Height: 27'8"
Weight: 19.13 lbs.
Head: 18.2
Lucy has another mild ear infection in one ear, and had to get the flu shot and her hemoglobin done as well.  Her measurements are all in proportion and everything looks great development-wise!

All kids are tall for their ages and have big heads, which seems to be the norm in our family.  The doctor's office was pure chaos as per usual with all three kids.  He gave me a good idea to use for good behavior incentives using magnets, which Im excited about.  Hooray for another series of doctor's appointments done!  Glad all of the kids are doing well and checked out great.


Cowabunga Bay

Olivia's first day of preschool

Olivia had her first day of preschool at Learning Dynamics today and she LOVED it!! She took her red ladybug pillow pet for show and tell, since today they're learning about the color red. I also let her take birthday treats since her birthday is in the summer. She was counting down the minutes until we could walk in the doors. Once she got to the classroom door, she didn't even look back. She immediately went up to the teacher to show her her ladybug. So excited for her!

To make her first day extra special, she got to take birthday treats (since she's a summer bday) - she chise capri sun! She got to be the "special helper."

Oh and this is what we wake up to every morning - hope this sisterly love continues because it's the sweetest thing ever!!



Wiil: livvy at the end of the day when Jesus comes you're going to be trapped! (In a very mad tone)
Livvy: Santa's coming? And I'm going to be trapped?


Will's Kindergarten Open House

Traverse Mountain Elementary here we come...

Will starts kindergarten at Traverse Mountain Elementary this Fall and we are all so excited!! His teacher is Mrs. Parsons. We had the opportunity to meet her, see the school and his classroom at the school's open house. So exciting!!

Mrs. Parsons

GG got Will all setup to take violin lessons!! She is an amazing violinist herself so she was thrilled to see the tradition passed on - hopefully he will love it!


10 year celebration!!

We took our family on a big trip to Disneyland this year. So, for our 10 year Anniversary, I went with Bill to Las Vegas for his business trip. It was very relaxing laying at the pool, shopping and just doing my own thing and then going out with Bill in the evenings.

Complimentary room service

An all-time favorite show

Always amazing - the Bellagio Fountains and Gardens

Love this man SO much - here's to 10 years!


Summer dance

Best friends + summer dance = pure bliss!



Black Ridge Reservoir

In the middle of Herriman, there is this awesome reservoir with a beach and playground!  The kids were in Heaven.


Hike to Cecret lake

A beautiful morning spent at Albion Basin - this is pure happiness to me!