All smiles

This little girl is officially all smiles, and it totally melts my heart.  I can't get enough of her cheeks!


2 Months

Knowlton's Visit

Grandma Knowlton recently passed away.  After years of suffering, it was truly a blessing.  Some of the Knowlton crew came over to our house for dinner.

Grandpa Knowlton, Bill, Will and Great Grandpa Knowlton

Grandma Shauna, Aunt Daughny, Meghan, Uncle Pete


My little dancer

Olivia was thrilled to start a dance class...it's all she could talk about from the minute I mentioned it.  She's taking a 3-4 yr. old class at Jazz n' Place dance studio.  They do one full hour - 20 min ballet, 20 min tumbling and 20 min jazz.  She did such a great job, and I was really impressed with the teacher and dance studio.


Little America Staycation

We enjoyed a fun night at Little America.  We went swimming, had pizza, and went over to the Grand America to see the infamous Jiou Jiou toy store and get drinking chocolate from the French Cafe.  We woke up and had Sunday breakfast at the Coffee shop - such a fun time for everyone!

The Kingsford's came down to swim with us, and this is Grant, he was born one week before Lucy.

Best buddies

Will has developed quite the friendship with his neighborhood buddy, Brenton.  They play almost everyday, going back and forth between each other's houses...it's pretty fun!



So excited for 2013!!  Looking forward to a year of good health, wealth and happiness!!  2012 was one of the hardest years for us in many ways, but the biggest highlights included reconnecting with our family in Utah, Bill getting acquainted with his new role as an attorney at Evtech, making new friends in our new neighborhood, and best of all the birth of our sweet and gently Lucy baby.  Cheers to the past year of hard work and sacrifice and to an even better New Year ahead.