A day at Gorgoza Park

We had such a fun day sledding at Gorgoza Park.  It was really busy so we only got a few runs in, but it was still a really good time.  Will and Dad took the big hill and Liv and mom did the smaller hill.  Olivia was insistent on carrying her own tube up the hill.


Our new favorite family activity = bowling!  It was so much fun! Of course, Olivia and Will were insistent upon doing most everything on their own so we had to put the bumpers up.  Olivia won the game!

Christmas Day

It seems as though every year that I'm alive holidays get better and better.  This year was no exception.  Top on the Will's wish list was a race car track and a remote control helicopter and on Olivia's list was a cupcake maker and a swimming pool with two mermaids.  Santa delivered on all except the swimming pool haha!  They were so excited at all their gifts!

This is officially the best Christmas gift ever! Lucy loves it and never wants to leave her car!

More presents at GG and Papa's!  They sure do spoil us.

Christmas Eve

We had our traditional Knowlton Christmas Eve dinner at the clubhouse...


Zoo lights

We took the crew to zoo lights tonight and it just might be one of our new fave Christmas traditions - SO fun!


Christmas Sunday

Will is sick with an awful cough so these two cuties went to church

And will and I stayed home and for some r&r


Family Pictures 2013

We started off family pictures this year a little rocky with Will throwing up - a bad case of the stomach flu...

He felt so awful and it couldn't' have been any worse timing….

However, we were still able to capture some great moments in the beautiful American Fork Canyon/Tibble Fork Canyon!

This picture has Olivia's personality written all over it.. a sweetheart, fun, smart as a whip, and as active as they come!

I would definitely say that this picture couldn't capture Bill and I better - more in love than ever before!

Love these kiddos - Lucy was not a fan of taking pics in the cold weather

Will is the ultimate gentleman - at age 5 he is so excited about life, he loves to be around people and try out new things