New Years Eve

We had a fantastic New Year's Eve.  We attended a murder mystery party called, "Talent Show Tragedy" at the Cramer's home.  The game was based on a talent show where one of the judges was murdered and you needed to figure out who the murderer was by going through several rounds of clues.  It was such a fun evening.  Kiara babysat the kids and Bill and I partied the night away with our good friends and neighbors.  Bill's character in the game was Rylan, a male exotic dancer and my role was Katrina, a ballerina.  I'm sure several people, especially the guys, were uncomfortable with Bill's attire, but what do they expect when they assign him a role such as a stripper.



We had quite the snowstorm this week!! Lucy got to get dressed up like Christmas story, Bills car got stuck in our driveway and we had the best sledding day ever!!


Christmas 2012

We started off the Christmas season with decking the halls!  There's nothing better than the extra feeling of warmth Christmas decor adds to the home.

It's tradition to make gingerbread houses, and the kids really loved it this year!  I don't know which they loved more - making the gingerbread houses or eating all the candy that was "supposed" to go on the gingerbread houses.

We invited a few of our neighborhood friends to an FHE night of caroling followed by hot chocolate at our house.  Surprisingly it was pouring rain by the time we were supposed to start caroling, and so we only ended up going to about 8 homes, but it was still an amazing experience nonetheless, and everyone thoroughly enjoyed hot chocolate at our home afterwards.  We are so blessed to have made some really good friends in our neighborhood.

Of course, we made it a point to visit Santa's reindeer at Thanksgiving Point and drive through to see the Christmas lights.

We visited Santa this year at City Creek.  Will was chatting his ear off and Olivia wanted nothing to do with him.

Our Christmas card was particularly special this year because it included our birth announcement for sweet Lucy.

Of course, we did our fair share of baking and sampling - caramels and fudge this year!

We watched a lot of Christmas movies, but the kid's favorite was "Arthur Christmas" and Dora's Christmas Carol.  Bill and I loved the classic, "Christmas Vacation."

We had a white Christmas, and so we did a lot of playing in the snow and making snowmen!

Will had his Learning Dynamics preschool program.  He was super excited about it, and it was so fun to catch him practicing singing the songs by himself beforehand.  Grandma and Grandpa were able to come, and that made it extra special.

The Durtschi family invited us over for a traditional Mexican Christmas dinner and there was a surprise visitor!

We had the annual Knowlton family Christmas Eve party in Park City this year at Uncle Charlie and Aunt Judi's condo clubhouse.

On Christmas morning, the kids woke up and were overly thrilled about what Santa brought them.  Will's favorite gift was his car race track and Olivia's favorite gift was her Dora doll.

After the kids played for a bit, we went over to Casey and Debra's for breakfast.  We came home, and everyone enjoyed a good nap.  Then we went over to GG and Papa's for Christmas dinner and more presents.  We sure do love our GG and Papa.



William is such a good brother when he decides to be.  He is so tender with and loving with her.

I love this face!
and this face...

and this face...
and this face...
Making gingerbread houses!

and of course this little one too!