We had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with the Knowlton family. Casey and Debra hosted, and it was nothing short of magnificent! Bill's mom had been in the hospital due to a viral infection, and she was able to be released Thanksgiving morning -allowing her to spend some time with us at dinner.


Lucy Jane

Introducing our new little sweetheart, Lucy Jane. Born November 14th at 12:36 pm, 7lbs 7 oz, 20 inches and gorgeous strawberry-blonde hair. We couldn't be happier. She is perfect in every way and we're head over heels for her.

Dr. Froerer had advised us that we should deliver on Wednesday the 14th as opposed to Monday the 19th for several different reasons, but mostly because he was leaving town on Thursday and my body was progressing right along. So, we were slightly unprepared for the early arrival date but more excited than ever!

Everything went completely smooth with the delivery at IMC. We had a really special experience meeting Dr. Terry, who was best friends with Bill's biological father while they were in medical school and in ob residency together.

 Getting prepped for surgery...

Right at birth in the operating room...

Dr. Froerer - such an amazing doc!

First Bath

Officially a family of five!

Proud big brother and big sister, Grandma and McCall and Grandpa.  Will and Olivia are so in love with their new baby sister.  Bill was teasing Will and told him we were going to give baby Lucy away, and Will instantly started bawling saying how he loved baby Lucy and didn't want her to go.  So sweet and so tender.  Olivia loves to give Lucy hugs and kisses and is always asking to hold her.  I am pleasantly surprised how much they already love and adore her!

The kids first facetime chat

While in the hospital, I couldn't get enough of this little cuddle bug.  I would opt to keep her in my room some of the time during the night just to have her snuggle with me.  I want to take advantage of every moment with this little one because I know how fast it flies by!

Getting assessments done.

On our way home!

A rare awake moment.


Tuesday Tidbits

We had our first real snow storm this last week.  I think everyone was so excited!!  The kids couldn't wait to put on their snow gear and head out into winter wonderland.

We had such a fun day on Saturday...just messin' around...we went to Kneaders for breakfast (thank you Bunco for letting me win the gift card) and then played around downtown.

Will had his first primary program on Sunday. He did really well. However, like a typical boy, he played around most of the time.  I totally started bawling after he said his part and couldn't stop!  I decided I could blame it on a very pregnant emotional breakdown.  That being said, I really am so proud of him.

Faces of Olivia

Very proud of her "I will follow the Prophet" hat


On the countdown...

We are SO excited that Lucy Jane will be here in 11 days!!  Although I really can't complain because I have amazing pregnancies, these last couple weeks are rough....no sleep, no energy, SO uncomfortable and yet so much to prepare for!  The kids are really excited to meet her as well.

Olivia has been exceptionally clingy, always asking to be held, and always wanting to be right by my side, which is to be expected.  Other than that, she is getting to be SO much fun.  She can talk and communicate so well now.  She has such an adorable personality...playful, loving, determined and independent as ever, and SO funny...she's such a tease.  She has found a few girls in the neighborhood that she really loves to play with - Emmie Meachem, Gabby Schramm and Genevieve Durtschi.  I think her favorite is Emmie for sure!  Currently, she's really into princesses, ANYTHING Dora, and babies babies babies!  She loves to play with play doh as well.

Will has developed this crazy attitude problem lately.  I think we are turning around for the better with it, but it's been awful...he's been talking back, being unusually mean to Olivia and the rest of us, and just doing a lot of things that he doesn't normally do.  I know it's a phase, but that doesn't make it any easier nonetheless.  He loves to play with his friends and has made quite a few neighborhood buddies, which I am so happy for.  He has a playgroup with Brinton Cramer, Beckham Kizerian, Cade and Connor Long, and Ryder Lyman.  He loves it and so do I!  They all play together so well for the most part.  Will is really into superheroes, legos, still loves cars, pirates, playing outside....those are the big ones!

Bill is working as hard as ever.  He loves his job, but it sure is intense and keeps him super busy all the time.  He tries to manage being a super attorney, super dad/husband and super elder's quorum president at all times!

I...well let's not talk about me at this time because I just feel like a slacker in all senses lol.

SO, we have been spending a lot more time at home recently and I've been trying to come up with creative ways to keep the kiddos occupied.  One thing I've found that they absolutely LOVE is to help me cook or bake.  It's not always the cleanest process, but they love it and I get a meal made without any fighting or arguing.  I think they're more excited to eat it as well.

Our recent endeavor of homemade breadsticks: