We had quite the Halloween. The day started off with preschool and play-date Halloween parties for the kiddos.  

Will was so excited to put on his pirate costume. 

Olivia wanted to forego her fairy princess costume for playgroup and wear her princess Tiana dress.  Olivia's new interested include Dora and princesses, Dora and princesses, and that's about it.  Oh, and anything to do with babies too.

After naps, we went over to Papa and GG's house to show off costumes, get some treats and take some pics.

Silly face!

Trick or Treating was a total success.  Will and Olivia made a great team!  The weather could not have been more perfect!!


Random Pics

Lunch date with my buddy

My little fairy princess

And...first snow of the season!


6 mo. check-ups

Dentist appt. for both kiddos today - came out with a clean bill of health. Seriously how could a kid not love our dentist - games, toys, great people, movies and a prize!!


Admitted to the UT bar

Bill and I and his parents attended the swearing-in ceremony for the UT state bar today. I am so proud of him for this major accomplishment and I'm even more proud of the both of us for surviving the journey we've been on to get to this point.


Family Dinner

We had family dinner at McCall and Jon's home in Centerville this evening.  We not only celebrated Sept, Oct, and Nov birthdays, but we played Halloween games and they also threw me a surprise mini baby shower.  So grateful to live close to family!

Bobbing for doughnuts



On Saturday evening, we went to Cornbellys at Thanksgiving Point.  It was definitely the most fun thing we've done as a family here in Utah.  We all played hard for a good four hours!  There was something for everyone...games, good food, treats, and plenty of entertainment.


Barnyard Boo

Thanksgiving Point has a Barnyard Boo at their farm every year around Halloween time.  They have all sorts of games the kids can play to earn prizes, a storytime told by a witch, face painting, crafts, and an extra special tractor ride.  The kids thought it was so great, and especially great how much candy they got away with.


Little Monkey

LOVE this spunky monkey!

and LOVE this weather - wish it would never end!


October Playgroup

Playgroup at our house consisted of play, painting pumpkins, and eating dirt & worms (chocolate pudding and gummi worms) for dessert!


Fun in the car...NOT!

I had to document this to show Olivia when she is older.  She absolutely hates being constrained in her car seat.  When we get in the car she jets to the back of the van and I have to wrestle her to her seat, and then getting the belt on, that's a whole different story...she starts pinching, scratching, clawing...you get the idea.  Once in her seat, she still has to be constantly entertained while driving or she starts crying, etc.  All of us have fallen victim to this torture.  I laugh now, but when in the process it's so frustrating.  Who knew that this sweet little girl is capable of such devilish acts?  This is my latest owie.