Gardner Village Witch Scavenger Hunt

Some days you just can't imagine getting any worse and other days you never want to end.  Today was one of those perfect days that you never want to end.  We spent the morning at Gardner Village with my grandparents enjoying the witch scavenger hunt, which is a fall must around here.  The kids thought the witches were so neat!  The whole thing is so clever, and the weather could not have been more perfect - 75 degrees and sunny!  The only thing that was missing was Daddy - we sure miss him when he travels out of town.

This witchy poo was particularly hilarious!

The Ahlstrom Cabin


A Fall kind of day

Rainy weather + story time + cuddling with the kiddos at naptime + homemade chili, rolls and pumpkin chocolate chip cookies = the perfect fall day!
Oh, and quote of the day from Will today while we were cuddling..."Mom, you're breath is really stinky." My reply was to turn the other way.  He says, "No I like your stinky breath."  He is too funny. Olivia is also saying so many words and is communicating so much better - makes life so much more enjoyable with her!  She's my little helper!  Love these kiddos!


American Fork Canyon

We took a drive up American Fork Canyon and walked around Cascade Springs.  It was absolutely beautiful!!  The leaves were falling over the narrow road and in full color transformation.  It almost looked like someone had taken a paint brush an painted the side of the mountain - incredible!!


Sugarhouse Park

Bill got off work a little early on Thursday night, and so we headed over to Sugarhouse Park with a Little Caesar's pizza and breadsticks for the birds in hand. The kids loved feeding all of the ducks, and it was so fun for Bill and I to take the kids to our old stomping grounds where we grew up and have so many wonderful memories. I don't think I can say enough how much I'm loving Utah right now, which is a good thing because I wasn't sure if I could ever get to this point after being so happy in Arizona.  Afterward, we headed over to 31 flavors (aka Baskin Robbins) and Liv was beside herself with the huge selection of ice cream.  


Will says the craziest things

The other day, out of the blue, we were on our way out the door and Will says, "Mom, vamanos!" I couldn't stop laughing - who needs Spanish Immersion school when you have Dora and Diego. Then today, "Dad I have to take these Lego wheels off because I'm up to something." So funny!



A visit from some of our very favorite people

We sure do miss the Bradford family!!

Will and his "one and only" - Kelly.


Favorite Fall Things

Yummy smelling candles and lotions
Corn mazes, pumpkin patches and harvest festivals
Pumpkin carving
Long drives to see the changing leaves
Crisp fall weather
Scrabble and popcorn
Roasting S'mores in the canyon
The State Fair  ...oh wait we went to the state fair this year and it was the worst ever!!  (more expensive than Disneyland and ghetto/crazy people everywhere)
Farmer's Markets
Cozy clothes (especially warm socks)
Books and movies by the fire
Inviting decor
Caramel apples, apple cider, candy corn and anything pumpkin
General Conference Weekend
Halloween and Thanksgiving


The ups and downs

I have been feeling baby girl move so much lately. It's still undecided whether she will be a "Lucy" or an "Annie." Bill is traveling this week and I have been thinking a lot about life in general. My life is not perfect at all...in fact it is far from it...there are some days where I'm high on life and could run a marathon, craft up a storm, clean every nook and cranny of my house and still have time for the kids and for myself. There are other days where I want to go crawl into a black hole and cry because William won't stop hitting Olivia and Olivia won't stop hitting me and the house is a mess after I just cleaned it and there are bills that need to be paid and Bill is working late and I'm feeling exhausted! However, it's the downs that truly make me even more grateful for the ups - for the small moments when I get to snuggle my kiddos or kiss them goodnight after they are fast asleep or the wonderful weekend memories we make as a family or simply seeing them happy with a smile on their face. I just feel so overly grateful for all of the many experiences and opportunities I have in this life and pray that I will always have this perspective.

It's a pony!

William had a birthday party for his little friend, Brooklyn, where they rented a pony.  I don't know who got more excited about the pony...the kids or Bill?  Will nailed the pinata on his second try - don't worry that he was only the third child in line - that's our strong boy!



The kids sporting their school spirit for the football game.


Will stories and playgroup

I have been hearing plenty of William stories lately from friends, primary teachers, etc... Apparently our animated little guy has quite the sense of humor. Everyone starts off by saying, "I have a William story for you - I love that kid - he is so funny." So, I brace myself and get prepared for whatever story is to come, whether it's about flirting with other sunbeam gals or a scary story about the car wash. Like father like son is all I have to say.

Will started playgroup today at our house. This is the cute little group of kiddos - Will, Cade, Connor, Brenton, Brooklyn, and Beckham! So happy that Will is making such good friends.


Labor Day Weekend

On Friday night, a sweet older couple from our ward (Bro. and Sister Davies) invited us over for dinner and to watch the rugby game.  They are from New Zealand and so of course Bill felt an instant connection.  We had a traditional Kiwi dinner of meat pies and mashed potatoes. It's always so neat to connect with people from other generations and cultures...we can learn so much from them!  Maureen has 10 children, and so you can only imagine the stories she has.

We went to our nephew, David's, football game on Saturday and got these cute pics of Liv and Daddy.

That night, we went to the "Piano Guys" concert at the Thanksgiving Point Gardens. We doubled with some of our friends, the Duckworths. It was such a fun night. It poured rain at the outdoor concert, but we stuck through it because of how amazing the concert was. The ambiance was amazing - right in front of the waterfall, the talent was incredible and such fun company.

On Monday, we spent the day up American Fork Canyon fishing, chatting with good friends, had a picnic and roasted s'mores.  We had a group of families from our ward up there, and it was so nice just to sit and relax on such a beautiful day while the kids played.

Will's buddies - Brenton and Beckham

Olivia loves to say "Cheese!"

Some of the kiddos...all covered in dirt :)

Some of the families that went up with us - Cramers, Mechams, Kizerians, Duckworths, Longs, Durtschis, Whittakers, Fritsches - such a fun group and so grateful that we are making such great friends!