William's 4th Birthday

William had a very special day for his birthday this year.  I took Olivia over to spend some time with my grandparents so that Will could have some one-on-one time for his birthday. Olivia loves to be over at her grandparents and so it worked out great.  We started off the day by going to get his birthday present - a new big boy bike.  We had heard that the strider bike was the way to go so we headed over to South Valley Motor sports.  When we walked in to the store, he immediately went over to the motorcycles, hopped on, and said, "Mom this one would be good!"  That's my boy - he's got great taste!  

After we got his bike, we headed off to lunch with Dad.  Will's request = quesadilla and root beer.  Then we finished making his cake and picked up Olivia.

Birthday Boy!

His request for dinner = Chuckee Cheese's! So, we had a small dinner with the family, and pretty sure he was in Heaven.

On a side note, we had to take back his strider bike and get him a regular 16" big boy bike with training wheels because the strider bike was too small.  However, his grandparents did get him a helmet that's meant to fit ages 14+ and it fit perfectly!  So funny!


It's a good day when...

William got to celebrate his birthday at preschool today.  I think he goes to the cutest preschool EVER! He got to be the "special helper,"  got a special King's crown, a balloon, and a special pencil box filled with crayons and treats.  He took his own b-day treats to share with everyone as well!  He was so excited to tell me all about it when he got home.

In other news, Olivia had her first playgroup with 3 other little girls her age - Genevieve, Emmie, and Gabby.  She LOVED it and they did great! Phew!  I am so glad she loved it because she doesn't get to play with other girls her age often, but instead she usually just tags along with her brother.

While Daddy and Will went to help a family move, Mommy and Liv spent some girl time together playing in the tub, painting our nails and watching a movie.

We made sugar cookies from our new favorite cookbook, "Keeping Up," on Sunday and they were a big hit!


Will's First Day of Preschool

Will had his first day of (4-5yr) preschool today.  We went and met his teacher, Mrs. Moberly, saw his classroom, he got to pick out a cubby, and met some other classmates.  I'm so excited for him to start preschool at Learning Dynamics.  I know he is going to have an amazing experience and learn so much.  He and I are both SO totally ready for him to start school back up.

 Olivia and Will

Silly Will - he makes some of the craziest faces, but I love that he is really starting to show his silly side  

 My hansom boy - getting so big! 

 Somebody loves their big brother

Outside the classroom 

 Hooray for preschool!


Some Random Tidbits

We've spent a lot of time swimming this summer at the Lifetime pool.  It's fun, but oh so exhausting...my kids want to jump in to the water and have me catch them the ENITRE time.  I guess it gets their energy out nonetheless.


 GG took Will shopping for some new school clothes.  We left Liv with Papa so he felt "extra" special and got some one on one time with Mama and GG.

It was our turn to host Knowlton family dinner.  It turned out great.  We LOVE family get-togethers.

 Took the kids to the Dinosaur Museum and they thoroughly enjoyed playing the drums.

I have recently been called as Gospel Doctrine teacher in our ward.  Who knew?  I was really about to say no when I remembered that the Lord will compensate where needed.  Regardless, I have never been more intimidated.  Turns out that I am really enjoying preparing for my Sunday School lessons as I am really learning the scriptures well.  However, I haven't gotten to the part yet where I truly am not intimidated and "enjoy" teaching the lesson on Sunday...I'm sure it will come.

Liv is in a mimicking stage. She wants to do everything that I do. I have caught her putting on my deodorant, my underwear, my makeup...you name it. It's been really interesting at times :)


Teton Valley Trip

We had a wonderful family vacation this last week to the Teton Valley.  We stayed at the Teton Springs Lodge and Spa in Victor, ID.  We got spoiled and stayed at one of Bill's bosses second homes there.  It was an amazing 10,000 square feet of pure bliss.  After a treacherous month, it was so good to getaway and be together as a family in such a beautiful, amazing and rejuvenating place. We drove down on Tuesday evening after Bill got off work. It was also our anniversary, and I wouldn't have spent it any other way than alone with my little family!
We had our first amazing meal Wednesday morning - breakfast at the Sun Dog Cafe

The view from the back of the house

Playing around in the backyard We drove the golf cart around the resort while we were there, and the kids thought it was the coolest thing ever!!


Lucky Charms for lunch? Why not? We're on vacation (says Dad)  

On Wednesday afternoon, we went into Jackson Hole, got ice cream, shopped around, ate dinner at Merry Piglets and then went to the Cowboy Shootout in the Town Square.  Will LOVED the cowboy shootout, and has been completely fascinated with cowboys since.  Olivia was pretty much scared the whole time - she didn't like the gunfire sounds at all!

When we got home, it was time for hot tubbing! It doesn't get much better than hot tubbing at your private residence in the middle of the gorgeous Teton Valley mid-evening.

Thursday morning we headed out for Yellowstone National Park. I have to say that I was somewhat disappointed in Yellowstone. Because of how crowded it was, we spent more time driving in the car than we did really seeing anything. We didn't even see any wildlife! However, we did get to see Old Faithful, which is always amazing

Bill had really bad allergies while we were up there so we didn't do much Friday morning. In the afternoon, we took went to Bear World...we were determined to see the wildlife and Bear World did not disappoint! We saw Rocky Mountain Elk, Bison, White-tail Deer, Mule Deer, Rocky Mountain Goats, Moose and of course the American Black Bear, Grizzly Bear and Gray Wolves. It was incredible - they were right next to our car! There was also a petting zoo and amusement rides.

(Will making friends wherever we go!)

We spent Saturday morning at Jenny Lake. It was beautiful - I could have spent all day there easily. We took the ferry across the lake and hiked up to Hidden Falls. Olivia (aka Mrs. Independent) wouldn't let anyone help her, and sure enough, she made it the entire way herself without being carried once. Will did really well too - our kids are troopers. It was so unbelievably gorgeous up there!


 Saturday afternoon consisted of lounging at the resort pool, having dinner poolside, and getting ice cream in Victor.
It was such an amazing vacation, and could have easily lasted for a month. So grateful we were able to have this wonderful experience as a family!