Olivia turns 2!

Our sweet and crazy baby girl turned two!  We celebrated by taking her to Chuck E Cheese's for  a little party.  She was in heaven!  I think she was a little confused about the fact that the entire party was just for her, but she was loving every minute of the attention.  She got a super cute play kitchen, play food, a princess tent, some cute pink toms, some girly princess books and a tea set for her birthday.  She  (and Will) have played with them non-stop all week!

A few tidbits about Olivia:

-Olivia is full of energy and life!  She is always smiling!
-She loves her baby dolls and taking care of them.
-She is one determined little gal...you do not want to experience unhappy Olivia because she didn't get what she wants or she can't figure something out
-She has finally started cuddling and relaxing just a little more.
-Still loves her binky and still hates being confined in the car (sigh)
-She LOVES her daddy - goes crazy when she hears the garage door open when he's getting home from work.
-She LOVES dogs (doggies).
-She loves playing with her brother and antagonizing him.
-She loves to dance and do puzzles.
-She is not the best eater right now...not sure where all her energy comes from.
-We love this little one and all of her craziness and know that she is one of the biggest blessings to our lives!


Fearless Babe!

Our little Olivia is beyond fearless!  We went to Seven Peaks in Salt Lake today with some of our family and Olivia begged to go down the slides.  I was pretty sure she'd be okay because she is always okay when we try something new and she rarely gets scared.  However, I was a little uneasy with these slides simply because they're rough and huge!  Well, we decided to brave it...we even got pummeled out of our tube at one point and she was laughing hysterically the entire time - she loved it.  The wave pool - she loved it!  So awesome that she's so brave, but scary too!


Will's soccer camp

Will is playing soccer with NUCS this Fall, and so I thought I'd put him in a week long soccer camp put on by International Soccer Academy this summer.  It went Monday-Friday from 8-10am and was at this really neat park in Cedar Hills, called Heritage Park.  He was with all of the 4-5yr olds and his coach was Coach Connell.  I was a little nervous when we initially showed up Monday morning because the soccer camp seemed so professional and there were children of all ages there...I thought for sure Will was going to be way too young and in over his head.  However, as things progressed, he got with his age group and Coach and took off!  Since day one, he couldn't wait to get out the door to soccer camp.  We loved this camp - such a great experience - for sure a must every year.

Will with Coach Connell...he loved Coach Connell!! The coaches that ran the camp were all college soccer players from Ireland who came to the US for the summer just to run these camps.

So excited after getting his prize on the last day...a super special water bottle!

He wanted to tell his coach thank you about a bazillion times...he was also secretly trying to coerce all his new friends to come get in the car with us. 

Olivia, very interested in what was going on...

One of Will's new buddies - never ceases to amaze me with how friendly and outgoing Will is.
This was so fun for Will, and I'm so glad he had the opportunity to participate in it.  It's been a really rough last couple weeks with Bill working so much, having to study and always being gone in general. It's taking a toll on all of us...even the kids have been acting out a lot more than usual simply because they miss their daddy.  This camp was a real highlight for us, however, and really helped us to shift our focus on something positive.  We can only be optimistic that things will soon change!  


4th of July

The 4th of July in Utah never disappoints!  We had a great day!  Bill has been working like crazy, and he actually spent the majority of the day with us, which was definitely more than appreciated!  We started off the day with a neighborhood kid's parade/BBQ.  The kids decorated their bikes in patriotic attire, and they were off to parade around the neighborhood.

Later that afternoon, our HOA put on a huge neighborhood party complete with tons of kid's activities and really yummy catered food.

We left the party a little early to make this purchase....
What a fun and unexpected surprise!



Baby GIRL Knowlton will arrive November 24th (or around there somewhere)...we couldn't be more thrilled!!!!!  We just had the 20 week ultrasound and everything looked great so we just hope and pray that everything remains good!  Wahoo!!