We've been having so much fun so far this summer.  We've already had a few good swim days, swim lessons, the grill has been in full working mode, and we've had so many other fun things going on like today we went to Trafalga fun center in Lehi!  It was seriously so much fun.  They had all kinds of rides catered for these little ones...a frog rocket, a rocking pirate ship, bumper boats, a rollercoaster, go-carts, mini-golf, fyling airplanes...the list goes on!  Liv was definitely less hesitant than Will on most of the rides as she is our daredevil and Will tends to be a little more timid.  The best part is that this was all included in this $10 year pass that I got off of citydeals - it also includes Seven Peaks and a ton of other stuff!  So fun!

This was the first ride.  Olivia was so excited to go on it, but Will wouldn't even go near it.  Their faces were priceless on this ride.

This was the aftermath of the boat bumper ride...we all got soaked!  Liv was not a fan of this ride at all. Of course, Will was overly tickled being able to squirt everyone around us and ensure that we ran into every fountain/waterfall that was there.  Oh well, at least it kept us cool the rest of the day!

The swaying pirate ship.  Liv was definitely unsure about this one as she's ducking for cover!

The flying airplanes - all the kids loved this one!

Mini golf - Will was surprisingly really into this..Liv not so much...she thought it would be more fun to throw rocks around and climb on everything.

Becoming quite the cheeseball!


First Summer Camp!

I really wanted to get Will involved in some extra fun summer activities this summer.  He just finished up his first session of soccer, and will start his "official" league with NUCS in the fall.  He got so into soccer this year and enjoyed it so much that we decided to keep him going.  Today, he got to go to one of Thanksgiving Point's Day Camps...seriously I can't count the many ways that I love this place...they have provided us with endless amounts of leisure and entertainment whether it's rain or shine!  Anyhow, Will went to the "horsing around" camp today from 1-4pm.  They got to learn all about horses...feeding them, taking care of them, etc... Will was running around laughing when I went to pick him up so I'm sure he had a great time.  In addition, when he came home, he slurped his dinner down and was in bed by 7:30pm...can we do this everyday?  Seriously one of the greatest things ever!