We had a great Memorial Day.  We spent the morning fishing at Tibble Fork Reservoir in American Fork Canyon.  I was so amazed that I had never been through this beautiful spot before.  The canyon was absolutely incredible!  Matched with wonderful weather...it was a great experience!  It was Will's first time fishing, and he loved it until his dinky spiderman kid fishing pole broke.  We still had Bill's fishing pole and plenty of opportunity to explore the grounds.



A Day out with Thomas

Will got some special treatment on Saturday.  We dropped Liv off at GG and Papa's and took Will up to Heber for "A Day Out with Thomas" followed by an early dinner at Dairy Keen.  We met up with our good friends, the Seibels.  Will was elated to say the least.  We started off with a 30min train ride on Thomas, then we met Sir Toppham Hat and Thomas himself.  It was raining really hard and quite chilly so we didn't stick around too long.  We headed off to Dairy Keen, then home.


It's officially summer in Utah

I guess it's still technically spring in Utah, but it sure felt like a summer day today.  The kids played their hearts out outside, riding bikes and running through the sprinklers.  We topped off the night at the Hawaiin Ice shack...doesn't get much better!


Business Trip in Vegas

We tagged along with Bill to Las Vegas for one of his business trips.  We stayed at the Luxor, which is where Bill's work event was held.  It was a really good change of scenery.  The kids did great, considering we had really busy days.  We swam at the pool, went to the Mirage to see the lions, tigers and dolphins, went to the Lied children's museum, M&M world, and the Coca-Cola store.
(Pics taken with iPhone - so not the best)


The big 30!

I had a great birthday this year! Since my b-day fell on Sunday, we celebrated on Saturday.  My grandma and I went shopping downtown - Lulu Lemon and City Creek.  We hit up Blue Lemon for lunch.  Then Bill gave me my big b-day surprise, he flew in my BFF Leanne from Arizona to spend the night.  I cried! I was so excited to see her...it had been a whole 5 months!  On top of that, I got to meet baby Weston!  He is the cutest little butterball!  We met up with our good friends and family at the Dodo for dinner.  Leanne and I stayed up a while and chatted until we were both officially exhausted.  She had to leave Sunday afternoon, but it was so worth it to see her for the short time and totally helped me to recharge my batteries.  Sunday was the usual church and then we had cake and ice cream with our little family.  It was great, and I'm so excited for this next decade of my life! Bring on the 30's!!