Will's First Primary Talk

Will gave his first talk in primary.  He spoke on how choosing the right blesses us.  He was so excited!  He did such a great job...we were so proud of him!


The SLC Temple

We took the kids downtown to walk around the Salt Lake Temple and see the new City Creek project.  It was such a pretty day, and was so fun to just take our time walking around.  The kids were particularly fascinated with the reflection pool.

Just a few pictures I found from our most recent snow day.  The kids LOVE to play in the snow, and Will loves to make snow angels!



I have been seriously slacking on the blog posts lately.  As I was reading through my blog book, I realized how much my annoyingly excessive blogging really pays off when you can look back at all the fun memories.  So, my new commitment is one post every night.  It may turn into a journal for our family's purpose, so forgive me if I bore you.

Bill is out of town again for work...he has been traveling a lot more than anticipated.  He's been gone almost every other week over the past two months.  I have been trying to keep busy while he's gone to make the time go by faster, but I'm really struggling this time.  I think I'm just burn out at the moment.  However, the kids have been great and I couldn't be more grateful for all the time I get to spend with them.  They are becoming such good friends, and it is so fun to see them play together.  Will is so sweet to Olivia.  Whenever he gets treats from preschool, Olivia fully expects her half...as soon as Will gets in the car, Olivia starts to fuss for some of the treat and Will will say, "alright, alright, Livvy....one minute."  It's so funny and so cute.  I am so grateful that they are getting along so well and that he has learned to take care of her. 

    Enjoying one of many Valentine's treats

Living the life while driving the jeep!


Discovery Park

Discovery park is by far and away the coolest park we have ever been to, and the best part is how close it is!  The kids loved being outside and playing with their friends.


Storytime at the Farm

Took the kids to the farm at Thanksgiving Point for storytime.  After the story, they got to make a kite, and then go through the farm to see the animals and ride the ponys.


Visiting my daddy

I took the kids to see my Dad's grave.  It has been too long since I visited.  I tried to explain everything to Will, but he didn't get it at all...so we came up with the conclusion that Mommy's daddy is working with Heavenly Father.  It was good nonetheless and quite the unexpected emotional experience.

Model Train Show

Bill was out of town for work, and I took the kids to the model train show at the South Town Convention center.  The real motivator was that Thomas the train would be there to ride.  Will was "in the zone" the entire time.  I have never seen him so focused and entertained.

Our favorite model was the Lego train - it was so neat!

We had to wait in line for Thomas for 40 minutes, but the kids did great!


Playing at the park

This Utah winter has been unbelievably beautiful!!  We've had so many gorgeous days to play outside!