We started out our Christmas Eve evening with the traditional party at the Knowlton's home. We had a delicious dinner, enjoyed catching up with everyone, and exchanged gifts. The kids got to decorate sugar cookies and make cards for santa. It was such a fun evening! Will loved playing with all of his cousins, and really got into everything a lot more this year. Olivia just enjoyed getting loved and spoiled by everyone.

The best part about Christmas this year was that we got to enjoy being around family during the holidays, but we didn't have to worry about the stress of traveling during the holidays. After the party, we went home to sleep in our own beds and Santa's helpers got to work!

The kids woke up at normal time, and Will was beside himself when he saw what was under the tree. He couldn't believe that Santa actually came and brought him what he wanted!

Olivia's barbie SUV...

Will's race car track...
One hand on the wheel - peep in the other.

Papa and GG came over for some german pancakes and to open their presents. Then it was off to church and nap time for everyone! After naps, we went over to Papa and GG's for Christmas dinner and more gift opening.

Olivia was more interested in playing the piano.

The day after Christmas we had breakfast with Uncle Charlie and Aunt Judi in Park City. It was a gorgeous day to be in the canyon!

It was such a wonderful Christmas, and we thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it!


Our visit with Santa!

We started off Christmas Eve with a visit to Santa. Will was shy, but he eventually warmed up. Olivia wanted nothing to do with the big red man.

After all was said and done, we had a happy girl again...




We had one of the best Family Home Evenings ever tonight. We had the opportunity to do a sub-for-santa for a family of four children through Bill's work. We got to pick out 3 toys for each child, an outfit, shoes, and a book for each child and then Bill's work paid for it all. I tried to explain to Will what we were doing, and even though he didn't totally get it, he was still thrilled about buying presents for others...which was such a great experience. It felt so good to be able to do this for another family. After all, this is what Christmas is really about...loving and serving others as Christ would do!

A little bit of this and that...

Before we moved to UT...

...The Devingers came over for a visit!

...We went to one of our very favorite places in AZ...the McCormick Stillman train park!

...The kids got to have breakfast with Santa!

...We had a bit of fun at the Gilbert PetsMart!

...The kids tried to do their best to help with the move

Since we've been in UT...

...We have changed attire to this...

...And we've seen a lot of this (a view from our house)

...AND this...

...The kids have been in HEAVEN being around their family

(Uncle Richie took Will for a ride on the digger across the street- pretty sure he thought it was the coolest thing ever!)

...AND playing in their new house that has so much space!

(Oh yes...we do have a jacuzzi in our master bath!!!!!)

We sure do miss AZ, but we're trying to make the best of things!


A crazy ride

It has been nothing but pure chaos for the Knowlton family over the last month. Bill got a new job in Utah with Invictus Law Group in Lehi. This is really exciting for him because he has been struggling with his current work position in AZ for a while. Also, we have always wanted to be closer to family. So, when the opportunity presented itself in UT, and there was nothing else available in AZ, we decided it would be best for our family to pack up and move home to UT. It has been anything but an easy process. We have LOVED living in Arizona. We have so many "family" friends that we truly cherish. Our kids have had so many good experiences there! There have many a lot of tears shed to say the least.

However, we are here now and are trying to make the best of things. We realiz
e it will take a while to truly be "settled" and to make friends. On the positive side, Bill is loving his job! After a week of hard work unpacking and taking care of other random items, we wanted to do something Christmasy! We headed down to Thanksgiving Point to see the holiday lights, eat some yummy dinner and feed the reindeer. The kids loved it, and it was so good to get out of the house and focus on something other than the move.

This last week we went with the Becks to Gardner Village. It is SO good to be close to them again, and our kids had a blast playing together. They went on an elf scavenger hunt, but the most entertaining event of the afternoon was definitely the duck pond. Of course, we finished off with a yummy treat from the bakery. Such a fun afternoon!


A celebration for Leanne and baby Weston!

We had a special celebration for Leanne since she is due to have baby #2 (Weston) this December. We went for pedicures at Prestige Nails followed by pizza at Grimaldi's. It was such a fun night! I am going to miss these girls SO much! However, I'm so glad that Leanne let us pamper her one last time before baby's arrival!