We had a great Halloween. Bill's parents were in town to share the holiday with us. We had a yummy dinner complete with mummy dogs, sloppy joes, potato salad, and Joe's Farm Grill shakes for dessert. Will and Olivia had a blast trick-or-treating and did pretty good considering both of their treat bags were overflowing with candy. Anyways, here is the one picture I got from Halloween. Will and his one and only, Kelle.


Ward Trunk or Treat

We had a lady lion and Officer Will. William's classic statement of the night, "Daddy when I grow up I'm going to be a big police man so I can put gates on you." He kept telling us how people who hit or push or aren't nice get gates put on them...so funny. Olivia wasn't too thrilled about her costume, but she looked cute nonetheless!

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Adult Halloween Party

Some friends hosted a Harry Potter themed adult Halloween Party. It was so fun! They had all sorts of yummy treats and fun games.


Schnepf Farms

Going to Scnepf farms is a yearly family tradition for us, and it gets more and more fun each year. This year, we even took the kids on the Haunted train. Will was asking us about the scary clown all night long - it was actually quite funny. They got to do everything this year, from the hay ride and amusement park rides, to eating yummy chili and hot dogs while listening to the band play. Always such a good time!



First zoo trip of the season

We took advantage of the nice weather and headed off to the zoo.
Will was of course delighted to see Kelle

Handsome Boy - he was so excited about going to the zoo

William was completely enthralled with the snake and would have touched it if the zoo staff would have let him.

The Group

Will and Kelle - cutest kids ever!

William loving petting the goats - as per usual

Olivia had a pretty good time herself

It was such a fun day - and definitely a great workout for mama chasing two little toddlers all around the zoo! Here's to good weather ahead!



Will is in a playgroup with 5 other little boys his age. He loves it. They play every Wednesday from 10-1. I had playgroup at my house for the first time this last week. I was prepared for ultimate chaos, but they were actually all really good up until the last half hour. Of course, they had trouble sharing toys, etc...but overall it went really well...phew!


First Soccer Game

Will is on a neighborhood soccer league, and Bill is his coach! Every Saturday morning, they practice for 20 minutes, have a 10 minute break, and then play a game for 20 minutes. He did really well today at his first game, and even scored the first goal of the game! He did a lot of pouting every time someone would steal the ball away from him or any time he got pushed down. He has yet to understand "competitive play." Bill did an awesome job coaching, and the kids LOVED him. We are so lucky to have such an amazing dad, and I know Will felt extra special to have his dad out there leading the pack. Here's to "Team Hunters" and a great soccer season ahead!!