First Camping Experience = Success!

Our very first camping trip as a family was a BIG success!! We had our annual ward campout on Friday night. It took place at an LDS owned wilderness campground, called Long Valley. It's up North just past Strawberry. Bill was able to take a half day so we left Gilbert around 1PM and got up there by 3PM. Bill and I setup camp, and Will and Olivia jumped right in with the other kids and started exploring the camp area. It was so beautiful up there, and perfect weather! It was around 80 degrees during the day and got down to 30 degrees during the night. After setting up camp, we cooked some hot dogs and hot chocolate around the campfire. Then we all changed into our warmer night clothes, and hit up the main campfire for s'mores and other fun! All of the kids were in heaven up there. It was so fun to see how they were so entertained by nothing but the wilderness and themselves. They were busy climbing, building forts, catching lizards, frogs and other bugs and just running around being kids. The next morning, the ward provided a yummy breakfast of breakfast burritos and lemonade. After breakfast, we packed up camp and then just hung out until we decided the kids were ready for naps. One of the families in the ward brought up a zipline that kept everyone entertained for a while. When we the kids were officially "done" we headed home and washed off the inch of dirt that we were all covered in. I'm still doing loads of laundry!

Setting up camp

Long Valley Campground

Excited kiddos

Roasting hot dogs - I was so impressed with Bill and Jack's awesome campfire making skills

Olivia just relaxing. She thought she was so special in her little chair.

William and Jayson - these two were BFF up there...they didn't leave
each other's sides the entire time. So cute!

Chowing down on the goods

The main campfire - everything was just getting started.

Brother Rigby teaching Will to play the guitar

This is what I woke up to in the morning. Olivia slept like a rockstar! She was snuggled down in her mummy bag, and was nice and cozy. Bill and Olivia slept on one air mattress on one side of the tent and Will and I slept on the other air mattress on the other side of the tent. Will slept just ok. He was so excited about what was going on that he kept waking up and saying, "I have to go potty," or "I want to go back to the campfire." However, he did do better than I anticipated.

Playing around!



Our UTES had an awesome victory over BYU on Saturday night! We made sure to celebrate big time! We love our UTES!

Bill and Scottie at church the next day

Kelle and Will at Home Depot

Aren't they the cutest?


Fall is in the air...sorta

We have officially had one week with temps below 100 with a few storms. So, we're feeling great about life. The better weather gives the kids the opportunity to be back outside playing, and they are in heaven!

Will and Brookelle having fun on their bikes

Favorite Toy

Olivia's favorite toy right now is a toy telephone. She loves to take it everywhere with her, just babbling along into it. She's learning so much....saying, "nigh nigh" and showing me what she wants. She is even giving really good kisses that aren't open-mouthed. She also got her first pair of jeggings!


Will's first day of preschool and 3 yr. stats

Today was a big day for Will. He had his first day of "real" preschool at Mrs. Carly's. He was beyond excited. We got him a Lightning McQueen backpack and some new kicks to make him feel extra special on his first day. It was difficult for me to get a really "good" picture because he was so anxious to take off. He loves Mrs. Carly, and we're so excited he gets to spend the year with her in preschool!

In addition, he had his 3 yr. well check after preschool. He is as healthy as can be with some slight seasonal allergies. He continues to be off the charts in growth - 45 lbs. and 41 inches tall. This is not surprising as this has been a steady growth rate since he was born. He was such a trooper for the doctor. Since we left the appointment, he hasn't stopped talking about how he wants to be a doctor and keeps trying to check my throat and stomach...fine by me!


Will's first love

Will has his first crush on our little Brookelle. Brookelle brought Will some cupcakes on his birthday last week. When they dropped of the cupcakes, they found a little time to play. Well, Will and Kelle decided to sneak upstairs immediately. I went upstairs to find them both in Will's bed, hidden under the covers. I told Tasha that we're already in trouble with these two. As they were walking down the stairs Brookelle said, "Umm...William, will you hold my hand?" I wanted to burst out laughing because it was SO dang cute, but I let them have their special moment. This is only one of the occasions that this type of thing has happened with them. They truly do love each other. I told myself that I need to be better about documenting this kind of stuff. Oh how I love these two!
This was at their last swim lesson today (more pics and info on that to come...)

First train ride

Olivia had her first train ride today with Daddy and Will. She was a big fan...waving the entire time to everyone in the mall!

Jennie Taylor's Baby Shower

We threw a shower for Jennie last week. She is having a baby girl (Hazel) this month! She is fairly new to our ward, and so we wanted to give her a little extra welcome and a chance to get to know some new friends! We're so excited for her!

Random Pics from my iPhone

Football season is here! GO UTES!! Our cute neighbors brought us these on the day of the season opener against Montana. They were oh so yummy!
Olivia learned to ride McQueen!
Olivia had already had a bath, but she decided she would take another with Will and hopped right on in for round #2.
Will got to take treats to preschool for his birthday, so I made him some cupcake cones. He was so excited to share them with his class!