Happy 3rd Birthday William!

It's hard to believe that William is 3 years old. It seems like just yesterday that I was toting him around in the baby bjorn. On most days, William is an absolute delight, and we couldn't feel more blessed to have him in our lives! It's crazy...I never realized how much you could love someone until I got married and had started having children.

A few things about Will right now...
  • He loves to play with his friends, and is still obsessed with trains cars, and books. He also really enjoys watching movies, his recent favorite being "Robots" and "Bambi II."
  • He can't get enough chocolate milk...it's the first thing he asks for in the morning and the last thing before bed.
  • He loves nursery (aka primary), and is starting to learn all the primary songs. He loves to sing them at home, but only when he wants to. Heaven forbid you start singing when he's not ready.
  • He still loves Mrs. Carly and will start another year of preschool with her next week.
  • I know he loves his sister Olivia because I catch glimpses of him being so tender and loving to her. On the flip side, he sure does have a really hard time sharing anything with her. They are starting to play together a lot more, and it's hilarious to see them interact...Olivia just thinks he is the King of the world and just craves his attention.
  • He's becoming quite the little swimmer. He was so uncharacteristically timid in the pool this year, but has gotten a lot better over the course of the summer and two sessions of swim lessons.
  • I have to admit that Will is going through a stage right now where I find myself wondering how in the heck I'm ever going to get him to listen to what I say or tell him to do. Most things go in one ear and out the other, which is really frustrating.
  • I love that he is SO outgoing. He's always up to try and experience new things.
  • He is so sensitive and loving. He sincerely cares so much about people. He likes to receive the love as well...he loves just laying there and getting back "scratches," he loves to cuddle, and he loves giving kisses and hugs. Which, we love as well.
Love you Will!

We had a swim/BBQ birthday party for Will and all of his little friends last Saturday night. Of course it was "cars" themed. We kept it simple with pizza and a cupcake cake. He was thrilled! We are so grateful to have such a great Arizona family that make life's events so memorable.
Families - Bradford, Rigby, Law, Miner, Ashby, Mecham, Tucker, Gabbitas, Stowell, Giauque

Rachel, Aunt Leanne and Me

Olivia had her fair share of fun as well!

Will's cars cupcake cake

His favorite part - blowing out his candles!


Opening presents

More opening presents

Pretty sure Olivia loved the frosting!

Happy 3rd birthday buddy and a wonderful year ahead!


AZ Museum for Youth

We went to the AZ Museum for Youth in Mesa today. It was a big hit for both of the kids. The best part was that they had so many fun things for various age levels so both of my kids could have a good time while being constrained in the same area where I could see them! It was nice for me too because I could sit and relax in the nice air conditioning, and let them play to their heart's content.

We got there just in time for storytime...Will was hooked! The favorite areas included the big foam blocks that you could play on, the 2 and under play area was great for Liv, Will loved the kitchen area and prepared several meals for me, and the glitter glue craft! They actually loved the entire place, and could have probably spent all day there.


HOT...and BLAH!!

I wish I had a lot of really fun things to report! However, all I have to report is that it's HOT, HOT, HOT!! This whole week is supposed to be 115. In addition, Bill has been working on a major trial that has been consuming a lot of his time. I do have to say that my kids have been troopers!

Love this little guy - he's been such a good buddy to me lately! He definitely has his moments where I wonder what planet he's on because he's not listening to a thing I say and other times where I really wish he would share with his sister. However, for the most part, he's so fun to be around and I can't get enough of him!!

Olivia is hilarious!!
-If we're ever missing anything, sure enough it's probably in the toilet
-She now loves to wave "hi" and "bye"
-When you ask her for kisses she gives big open-mouth kisses
-She seems so much older to me lately...I'm so sad that she's growing so fast, but it's so fun to see her develop as well!
-Her latest is that she only wants to feed herself or else she won't eat at all. She is definitely SO independent and has a mind of her own!

Just a funny picture...


UT Summer Trip Part III

William loved climbing my grandparent's cherry tree! He was really good at it too, considering he's never done it before!

We headed up Little Cottonwood Canyon for a picnic dinner and s'mores! I thought the kids had died and gone to Heaven! I was pretty close to that myself. There's nothing better than being up in the canyon on a summer night, sitting right next to the creek and just hanging out enjoying the moment. Of course, the kids did all sorts of exploring! It was Will and Olivia's first roasted marshmallows and they were big fans.

I had the opportunity to get together for a park playdate with some friends.

We went to the Sandy aquarium. It was really neat. The best part was the penguin exhibit!!