Olivia's 1st Birthday Party

We celebrated Olivia's 1st birthday in Utah with all of our family. We had a delicious backyard BBQ, complete with only the cutest cake ever and ice cream (of course).

Showing off her walking skills...

Mama is so proud of her baby girl!

All of the Knowlton grandkids and Grandpa Knowlton

The whole clan

Olivia had no problem digging right into her cake.

After a good bath, she loved opening her presents.

Will even got one too!

What a blast! Happy birthday sweet baby girl! We love you!!

Olivia is 1!

I can't believe it!! It seems like just yesterday that we were bringing her home from the hospital. Time truly does go by way to fast. This little one has grown to be such a wonderful part of our family, and her personality is such a fun addition.

A little bit about Olivia right now:

-She is such a happy baby, and is always very intrigued/alert with what's going on around her.
-She is a mover and a shaker and hates to be confined. She is so busy and always on the go.
-She's so determined that if she isn't able to get something that she really wants, she might get a tad bit upset
-She thinks it's hilarious when you make silly faces at her
-She is officially on to whole milk and a sippy!
-She is walking, or should I say sprinting
-She already has 8 teeth, and is getting her molers in
-She LOVES her brother and follows him everywhere
-She eats pretty much anything
-She loves her blanket and occasionally will use her binkie when sleeping, but other than that she's really not into anything yet
-She is in that weird transition stage - from two to one nap depending on the day
-She is very vocal, says mama, dada and papa pretty clearly, but
-She waves hello/goodbye
-She has already had plenty of injuries to her face (b/c she's always into everything) - her latest is a pretty bruised cheek after taking a head dive into the piano bench...so sad.

Olivia's 1 year stats:

Weight: 22 lbs (75%), Length: 31 inches (75%) and Head 19 inches (100%)

We had a fabulous 1st birthday party for her in Utah with all our family...pictures and details to come.


UT Summer Trip Part II

On Wednesday, we headed up to McCall and Jon's neck of the woods - Bountiful/Centerville for swimming and In N' Out.

On Thursday, Bill and I had the opportunity to take a couple (two names) that my grandma had prepared to the Salt Lake Temple, and through the entire process - Baptism, Confirmation, Initiatory, and Endowments. We were there for almost 5 hours, and every bit of it was amazing! There is nothing like the Salt Lake Temple, and I really miss being able to visit it often.

We came home to happy kids that had quite a bit of fun while we were gone. Will loves to play my piano at Grandma's house. He gets very serious about it. Olivia got in on the fun too.

Later that day, we drove around the Draper Temple, which is approximately 5 minutes from where my Grandparents live. It's beautiful.
On Friday night, Bill's parents took us to dinner at the Cinegrill. Following dinner, we went for a drive past my old high school, Judge Memorial, then around the University of Utah (the Honors program, Greek Row, etc...) Go Utes!! We ended the night with ice cream from McDonald's and visiting Bishop Menlove's grave in Holladay. It was a good trip down memory lane.


UT Summer Trip Part I

On Sunday, we had a BBQ with some of my family at JR and Candace's home. It was hot, but a good time nonetheless. They had these two huge dogs that Olivia just couldn't get enough of. Will, on the other hand, wanted nothing to do with them. It's so funny how both of our kids can have such opposite personalities...Will = tender and timid...Olivia = fearless daredevil

On Monday, we headed up to Park City Mountain Resort. This day was so perfect that I really never want to forget any single moment of it. We started off with lunch at Baja Cantina (awesome mexican food).

Following lunch, Bill and Will hit up the Alpine slide, which they both loved! Will was a little nervous to begin with, but by the time they got going Will wanted to go faster. While they were on the Alpine slide, Olivia and I lounged on the grass and just took our surroundings in....here we are sitting in the middle of the beautiful mountains on a beautiful summer day, no place or time to be anywhere...just relaxing and enjoying the moment. After Bill and Will got done with the slide, we got a giant snow cone. of course, the kids were in Heaven and we all finished every last drop. They had a lot of fun things for the kids to climb on, and so we took full advantage of those as well. I really wish AZ would get the memo on the rock chips...they seriously beat sand on so many levels!

(Olivia practicing her walking, which she is getting SO good at!!)

By this time, the kids were getting a bit tired so we decided to get in the car and go for a drive over Guardsman's Pass and let them sleep in the car. It one of the most beautiful drives I have ever been on! The kids were sound asleep within minutes, and Bill and I just enjoyed the peaceful drive. Once we arrived back in the valley, we had a family dinner at the Knowlton's. It was so good to see everyone.

McCall and "Huck"

Olivia, Shauna, Huck

Will has loved playing with all his cousins.
William and Anthony

On Tuesday, we headed downtown to take the kids to the Discovery Gateway children's museum and to have lunch. They had a great time.

That evening we had a typical Utah summer rainstorm. It was the best, and the kids had such a good time playing around in it.

Hangin' with Papa


Road Trip to UT

We had the longest drive ever to UT! There was a large amount of construction and traffic causing the drive to be almost 14 hours long! It seemed like it was never going to end. Will has turned into quite the great little traveler, and did awesome the entire way. Olivia had her moments. She's teething and was just miserable a lot of the time.

We stopped in Cedar City on the way to visit Grandma Ginnie's grave.


Bill's Birthday Celebration

Bill turned 33 this year! Happy Birthday Babe!

We celebrated with dinner at The Keg with a bunch of friends, and games/dessert followed at our house. It was such a fun night! What a lucky man right? Really, the husbands were there, but Bill wanted to get a pic with all the girls...who wouldn't right?

Brian and Bill

Love you babe! Happy Birthday! Here's to an awesome year ahead!

Leanne, Me, Holly...love these girls!



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