Olivia's Update

Olivia took three steps this weekend and has been saying, "Mama" nonstop. So proud!


Home Depot

My kids love Home Depot. It is pure entertainment for them!
Bill took Will to the Home Depot children's workshop last weekend, and both of them were in Heaven. They had so much fun! Will made a cute little wooden toolbox that he was so proud of!



Olivia is fearless! She never ceases to amaze me at how fearless she can be. The other day, we were hanging out at the pool while Will had his swim lesson. Olivia is so comfortable in the water and loves it so much...she's like a fish. Well, Olivia decided to go ahead and dive in head first. Not only did she scare her mother to death, but she also got a nice gash on her cheek. She's not even 1 yet, and has already gotten all sorts of owies on her face.


Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to the best Daddy and husband! We love you!!


So interesting...

Will recently discovered that putting this ball on top of the air conditioner makes it float. He was so amazed...it was so cute!


First Swim Lesson


I'm a BIG BOY now!

Big news at the Knowlton household....we have a little tike wearing big boy underwear!! Will is officially a big boy! I'm so proud of him! He has done so well with his potty training, and it feels so good to only have one child in diapers now! Wahoo!!

Olivia - 10 1/2 months

Our sweet and happy baby girl is already 10 1/2 months...wow how time flies! Olivia loves to be a part of everything that's going on. If she sees anyone eating anything, she absolutely has to have some. She is babbling a ton. She thinks it's hilarious to be turned upside down. She is fearless, and isn't afraid of anything. In fact, she loves dogs and tries to befriend anyone that she sees. She is crawling quickly, cruising, and can already stand for a few seconds on occasion. She loves the water, and loves to hang out at the pool. She already has 6 teeth! She continues to enjoy crawling into the most awkward and small spaces possible. She LOVES music and being sung to! We love this little one, and feel so grateful to have her in our lives.

Crawling into small spaces...

Officially out of the infant carrier car seat and into a much more comfortable one...


The Cannery

I went to the cannery for the first time today. It was such a good experience, and it was comforting to get a start on our food storage.

Memorial Day Weekend

We had such a fun Memorial Day Weekend. The best part was obviously having Bill all to ourselves for three whole days! We celebrated Memorial Day with a BBQ with our friends. The kids had a ton of fun playing in the water. They even had a water balloon fight!

Olivia and the Stevens twins - born within days of each other! One of the twins had just fallen victim to "sweet" Olivia stealing her toy...she's only 10 months, but watch out world this girl is a sassy one, but we love her to pieces!!