9 Months

Baby girl is 9 months! I can't believe how fast she is growing! She's so happy all the time, which I'm so grateful for! She is a mover and a shaker! I'm always so nervous about how much she injures herself, but really there's nothing I can do about it because she is constantly getting into everything already. She's so curious and always on the go. She is loving any type of food that she can get her hands on. Olivia has two bottom teeth and one upper tooth cutting through. She loves to play with Will. She's sleeping approximately 11 hrs at night and takes a couple naps during the day, which is also great. Her laugh is hilarious...it's so loud and contagious!


Easter 2011

Easter was SO great this year. It was crazy busy, but we really enjoyed all of the festivities. After an extremely busy and hectic week, we started off with our community Easter egg hunt on Friday night. Our primary was actually in charge of the event, and it went off with a bang. We hid over 5,000 eggs! Bill and I had to leave our kids with a babysitter half way through so that we could go to a wedding dinner for Bill's mission companion, Tom Hatch.
Will didn't waste any time...he busted the eggs open right away!

Saturday afternoon we had the annual egg dying party.

Saturday night we went to the Hatch wedding reception. It was gorgeous, and the best part about it was that Cafe Rio catered.

Sunday, we had a wonderful church meeting in the morning followed by a visit by the Easter bunny at our house.

Following a little Sunday R&R, we went over to our good friends, the Boltz, house for Easter dinner. There were five families total there, and everyone was in charge of bringing something. It was delicious!! After dinner, we had ANOTHER egg hunt. Can't get enough of them!

Holly and I

I feel so very blessed this Easter to have such a love for our dear Savior who loves me in return unconditionally and continuously blesses me and my family every day!


Diagnosing GI issues

Will has never really had consistently solid stool (maybe TMI for some). So, after having Olivia, and really understanding what "normal" stool should be like, we became concerned that Will may have a GI issue. We took him to a pediatric GI specialist at Phoenix Children's and are in the process of running a bunch of tests to make sure there's nothing wrong. Better to be safe than sorry!
Will got an X-Ray on his tummy. He thought it was so cool and kept telling the tech, "again...again!" Following the X-Ray, he had to have his blood drawn. He didn't like that at all, but he did SO well. I was SO proud of my little guy!


So upset!

I'm afraid we've entered into a whole new stage of stubborn/bossy behavior. Please meet Mr. Will - bound and determined to get his way or else...



Will had a blast driving this car at the park. He thought he was to coolest kid out.


Pat Tillman Run 2011

Our family participated in the annual Pat Tillman Foundation run this morning. Pat Tillman was an ASU graduate, professional football player for the Arizona Cardinals and an army ranger who was killed by friendly fire in Afghanistan. It was honestly one of the best things we've ever done as a family! The run included some 30,000 people and was 4.2 miles long. The route winded through the streets of Tempe and ASU's campus ending on the 42 yard line of Sun Devil Stadium in honor of Tillman's old jersey number.

The kids did great considering we had to wake them up at 5:15am. I ran ahead and Bill pushed the stroller through the route. Olivia slept a lot of the way, and Will was just enthralled with everything going on around him. At the finish line, they had all of the ASU football players high-fiving everyone. It was really neat. Bill said that the ASU football players didn't so much appreciate the U of U hat he was sporting, but they gave him a break when they saw that Will was wearing his favorite ASU t-shirt! After the race, we celebrated with a yummy breakfast at Joe's Farm Grill and a nap! Such a fun day!

The Group: Michelle, Mike, Leanne (Beckham), Me, Bill (Olivia & Will) , Eric Lauren

The girls

Eric and Bill

The family! Isn't Bill so awesome for pushing the stroller the whole way! I'll have to swap him next year!

Such a fun accomplishment to do together! Love this guy!!

For not being a runner before this event, I am so proud of this time. I can't wait to do my next race and do even better!


Lori's Birthday Lunch

We went to Joe's Farm Grill for Lori's birthday. I think we spent almost three hours there. Aside from the food being really yummy (sweet potato fries), they have a lot of open grassy areas where the kids can run and play without getting into too much trouble. It makes for a good time for everyone!

Me, Brittany, Marla, Michelle, Sarah, Lori

Liv had fun rolling around on the grass

and eating yummy sweet potato fries

Leanne and Holly

Will got his grilled cheese and root beer

Getting a lot of energy out. He had SO much fun playing with all the kids!!

Michelle and I

Will is always watching out for his little buddy, Beckham...so cute!


New PAC-12 Logo at Rice-Eccles

Isn't it glorious?



A lot of playing outside! AND!! CRAWLING!! Olivia is 8 1/2 months and crawling!! Hooray for her not being so frustrated anymore!

The zoo!! We LOVE the zoo! Perfect company + perfect weather = perfect day!! I feel like the zoo is only getting more and more fun as Will gets older. Probably because he is so much more interested in learning about the animals. Yay for having an annual zoo pass!

(Olivia was having so much fun just observing from the stroller and munching on graham crackers

Some of our best friends...Aunt Leanne and Baby Beckham...so grateful to have these guys in our lives!

Olivia's first real "shiner." I have to preface this picture with some information about Olivia...Olivia is our fearless go-getter. Not only does she crawl, but she is already cruising and climbing and trying to get her hands on anything and everything. This is one classic example where she accidentally took a nose-dive into a remote control laying on the ground. She pretty much screamed bloody murder when it happened...So sad!

We found this adorable train park right by our pediatrician's office. I don't think Will has ever loved a park this much. He could have spent the entire day there. We met up with our good friends, the Bradfords and had lunch. Will loved playing with Kelle!

Olivia was in HEAVEN on the swing...she was giggling the entire time! It was adorable!

Will flirting with his favorite girl. We love Kelle!

For some reason...Olivia is fascinated with my diet coke cans. I think this picture is hilarious. Is this a sign that mom needs to quit the dc?


Rustler's Roost

We went to the Rustler's Roost restaurant at the AZ Grand Resort for Bill's firm's family party. It was such a cool restaurant..they had a live bull outside, a place where they made yummy homemade cotton candy, a fun slide for the kids inside, and a dance floor with a live band. It was really fun. Will had a blast playing on the slide and Olivia didn't really know what to think of it all. However, when Daddy took her out on the dance floor she was smiling from ear to ear.