Hansom little man



There are a ton of kids on our street and Will loves to play with them all! We have some neighbors that are older, but they are so cute to Will!! Will will say, "I want to go play with the kids" or "I want to show kids my car" or "mom...the kids!!" So cute!


the "Gar-wash"

William is completely fascinated with the car wash, and he's always asking to go. He actually calls it the "gar - wash."



It's been a rough week, I'm not going to lie...with pink eye and all sorts of other viral goodness in our home, having to sell our civic (shed a tear) and buy a new car, and spring break (which means no preschool for Will). However, we have a lot of good times around here and so I realize we have to take some bad with the good! Go ahead, call me Mrs. Optimistic :) Here are some things that have cheered me up this week...

Arizona sunsets...this is not a rare thing around here, and I love it! Isn't it beautiful?

This amazing ice cream maker that will produce all sorts of yummy goodies. Thank you woot and cusiinart for contributing to my continued lack of success with weight loss. Your enticing advertisement and incredible low cost had me at hello! Don't you love the yummy cups I made to make our indulgence extra enjoyable?

AND, of course....my kiddos ALWAYS know how to make me smile

Will loves playing with coins. I promised that we would find him a piggy bank. This is definitely not the most adorable piggy bank ever, but it's durable for the amount of abuse I'm sure it will endure in the near future. Anyhow, I told Will whenever he is a good boy I will give him money (pennies) to put in his bank. He got SO excited. Now he runs around the house asking for money. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? I do plenty of reminding that he only gets money when he does something extra good!

My darling sweet Olivia...I went to take Will upstairs for her nap and hadn't cleaned up Will's lunch yet. Well, somehow Olivia made it over to Will's sandwich and garbled half of it down in no time at all. So much for worrying about peanut allergies in this house?


Makes me smile when..

Will says, "Mama...pretty cute?" or "Mama, pretty cool?" or "See ya later alligator!"


As of late...

I went with a couple girls to hike the wind caves. I was so proud of myself getting up at 5:30 in the morning on a Saturday. However, it was worth it. I wish these pictures were better, but all I carried was my iphone.

I took the kids to the zoo last Friday. We just went ourselves, which was nice for a change because I was able to spend some good quality one on one time with Will. We made it through the entire zoo in 3 hours and rode the carousel and the camel!
He loved riding the camel, and wasn't scared one bit. In fact, he was elated. He was trying so hard not to smile too much!

My grandparents were in town visiting...and of course we had a lot of good times with them and will miss them greatly


7 Month Milestones