Random Tidbits

Will loves to do "SUPER"

Olivia's nursery that I haven't had a chance to post yet. I love this room...it' so happy!

Olivia wants to crawl so badly, but she can't figure it out and gets SO frustrated!

Olivia loving her highchair. She is loving her solid foods, and is doing really well eating them. She's officially at that stage where she wants to eat what anyone else is eating.



Lunch at the Olive Garden with Grandma and Mom. Completely mesmerized by her first highchair experience!


Crazy weekend

Saturday started off amazing...I got to go to two of our primary kid's baptisms, which is by far and away one of my favorite things about being Primary President. I get to go to all the baptisms and witness this wonderful and special time in their lives. It always gives me such a spiritual high...I wish I could start everyday out like that. My grandparents are visiting, and so after the baptisms we headed off to the mall to take Will on his favorite train. It was a great day. Around 4am Sunday morning, we had to rush my grandpa to the hospital. He has had a cold, but he started getting extreme sweats, hot and cold flashes, numbness and was having a hard time breathing. So, the hospital admitted him, and we have spent all day Sunday in and out of the hospital. They have run several tests. So far, they know that he has severe pneumonia in both sides of his lungs. They think that is "all," but are running other MRI's and CT scans to make sure there isn't any blood clotting or neurological stuff going on. Hopefully we will have some results soon. Will and Olivia are in Heaven with their grandparents here. Will doesn't let Papa sit down for a minute. However, I think Papa loves every bit of it. Hopefully, he will come home soon!


Bird + Nest

William learned about the letter "B" in preschool today and made this bird + nest. As I was walking him home from preschool, he said "Mom, shh...bird is sleeping in it's nest." Then he proceeded to give the little bird a kiss goodnight. So cute!


Stake Valentines Dance

Saturday night, our stake hosted an adult Valentines Dance. My friends and I decided to turn it into a "big deal." It was honestly the funnest night out we've had in a long time. My grandparents are in town and were kind enough to watch the kids for the night. We got all dressed up, went to a really nice dinner at Charleston's, and then went to the dance. My hot date even brought me beautiful red roses. The dance was decorated in a french - parisian style...it was so cute. They even had a yummy ice cream bar. The DJ was incredible...he played everything from oldies to country, Black Eyed Peas to Lady Gaga. Everyone got really into it, which is what made it even more fun! It was such a great night, and I went home completely exhausted!

Me and my hot date

Holly and I


Play Dates

We are so fortunate to live in a neighborhood where there are always fun play dates going on. It's not only so fun for my kiddos to be able to play with other kids, but it's so nice for me to be able to get out and socialize with such great friends. Last week, we had a really fun Valentine's themed play date at our good friend's house, the Giauque's. It was complete with cookies, a craft, and some singing. There were approximately 15 to 16 moms. There was a hotwheel's race track, the trampoline outside, a sandbox, and cars. It was a fun 2 1/2 hrs! Then on Friday we went to the zoo! It has been perfect weather here, and so we are taking advantage of the great outdoors.


Valentine's Day Crafts



A while ago, Will had a really bad cold which he passed on to Liv which gave Liv RSV. Will and Liv both recovered from their sicknesses. However, Will has had this lingering cough for a few weeks. I finally took him into the pediatrician and it was determined that he had some bronchitis. The pediatrician suggested that we do albuterol breathing treatments in combination with an antibiotic to get rid of it once and for all. Will has been so good about doing them...what a champ!


Will's Bedroom

I haven't yet posted the details of how I put together Will's bedroom b/c we've been in the big-boy bed transition phase for a while. So, we're now officially converted and here it is!

He is getting used to the idea. He loves his bed, but it's just helping him to know it's not all fun and games when he gets in it. With no way to contain him in his bed, we've had to lay down the law a few times. He is doing better and better everyday. Thank goodness. For a while there, he was out of his bed the minute we put him in there whether it was for naps or for bedtime. Hopefully we're past that stage.


Fresh orange juice

The oranges are fabulous in AZ right now, and what's even more fabulous is fresh squeezed OJ!


6 Months


Will is walking around the house saying, "I robot...I need batteries." He's shuffling his feet and speaking in a monotone voice...he's so funny!