Long Weekend

This last weekend was a LONG one. Friday night I had a general auxiliary training for primary with Sister Wixon, the General Primary President. It was absolutely incredible. I felt completely refreshed, uplifted and inspired about my calling and about life in general. Saturday night we took an unexpected trip to Phoenix Children's Urgent Care for Olivia. Turns out, she has RSV. Not fun, but so glad we took her in as we were debating whether or not to. They had to suction her lungs. It seemed to help because she came home and slept soundly throughout the night. She is definitely on the mend...eating and sleeping again, but still has quite the cough and some congestion. Sunday night we put on a Baptism Preview for all the children getting baptized in 2011. Phew...what a weekend. This is one of the happy moments from the weekend...



Will and Grandpa Urie

This picture was taken over the Christmas break when we stopped in Richfield to see Grandpa Urie. He was so excited to see Will and to meet Olivia.

Saturday Fun

Will showed us a dance move from his new favorite movie, "Despicable Me."

The weather is beautiful right now, and we spend a lot of time outside.

Learning to ride his bike



Handsome Boy

The day is never dull in the life of this almost 2.5 yr. old. It's a bittersweet stage for Mom and Dad. For the most part, he is such a cutie, but on some days I wonder what's going through his head or if I'm going to have enough energy to keep up with him.
Some of the things he does that are hilarious include:
-He calls a haircut a "haircup"
-He is very good at bossing people around and saying "stop it" or putting his hand over your mouth and saying "quiet."
-He still LOVES his trains, cars and playing outside.
-He LOVES Miss Carly, his preschool teacher
-He has recently conquered climbing on everything at the park all by himself
(sometimes a bit scary for me)
-He loves to make tunnels with blankets
-He picked up on the saying, "Oh crap," and totally says it in the right context (bad mom)
-He LOVES church and LOVES Jesus...
everytime we ask him what he dreamed about he says, "Jesus!"
-He likes to show off everything he can do, and is constantly saying, "look at me mom!"
-He is learning to ride his bike
-He loves to play "super," where Mom holds him up with her legs and he thinks he's superman.
-He loves reading books
-He loves taking tubbies with "baby"
-It's so cute how he say's "no...can't, because, yes, c'mon (which sounds like ah-mon) and despicable me" (his new favorite movie)
-He's also in a "why" stage...asking why about everything
-He sings the traditional cleanup song - "cleanup, cleanup, everybody cleanup."
-Sometimes when we ask him to do something, he says, "of course."

LOVE this little dude and feel so blessed to have him in my life!


Faces of Olivia


First taste of rice cereal

She decided she had enough and knocked the bowl out of my hands...it was funny at the time, but not so fun to clean up


Fun at the Park


First solo climb


William's Bear Picnic