Family Pictures

Our good friends took our family pictures for us this year, and they turned out awesome!! I am in love with all of them!

Putting up Christmas Decorations

Random Pics

At the park with Daddy

Riding the train at San Tan Mall

Artist's rendition of the new Gilbert Temple that is down the street from our house!

We had a progressive dinner with some friends in our neighborhood. We started at the Daniel's for appetizers, then went to the Tucker's for soup, our house for salad, the Miner's for the main dish and ended with dessert at the Jones.' It was so much fun!

Big Boy Bed

Will got a big-boy bed all decked out in Thomas attire. He is so excited about it and loves it, yet he hasn't actually sleep in it...hmm


Olivia's Blessing

Olivia was given a name and a blessing in our home ward, Ashley Heights, this last Sunday. Bill did such a beautiful job with her blessing, and some of our best friends were able to stand in the circle with him. It was such a powerful moment. I am so grateful that I have such a wonderful husband who is worthy to perform such a blessing. I don't know how I got so lucky to blessed with such an amazing family. Our baby girl looked as gorgeous as ever in her blessing dress. We celebrated with friends at our house afterwards.



We have had quite the busy week. It was filled with good stuff, but by the end of the weekend I felt like I was trying to finish the final stretch of a marathon. The weekend was so fun, but crazy busy. On Friday night, we had Bill's company Halloween party. It was held at Jordan's house....pretty boring, but we made an appearance nonetheless. On Saturday morning, primary program rehearsal followed by pizza for the kids. Rehearsal was a little crazy...the kids were really riled up, and its not always easy managing 120+ kids on a holiday weekend. Saturday night, ward trunk or treat. Always so fun to see all the kids dressed up, and Will had a lot of fun playing with the other kids, going through the spook ally, and collecting a lot of loot. Sunday morning, primary program. Couldn't have gone better!! It was amazing!! The kids did such a good job, and the spirit was felt so strongly. Sunday evening, dinner at the Bradford's. Such a treat to hang out with this family. Will and Kelle got so excited helping Scottie hand out candy, and the dinner was incredible!!

The family. Dad - ?, Mom - witch, Will - skeleton, Livvy - kitty

Our cute little skeleton

Our sweet little kitty

Trunk or Treat Aftermath

Kelle and Will

Kelle and Olivia