Two good quotes

‎"The fundamental mission of motherhood now is the same as it always was: to nurture, protect, and instruct children, to create a home environment that helps them to learn and grow, to help them develop a heart for God and his purposes, and to send them into the world prepared to live both fully and meaningfully" - Sally Clarkson from the Mission of Motherhood

“I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing, kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles.”— Audrey Hepburn


Schnepf Farm's Fall Festival

We went to Schnepf Farm's Pumpkin and Chili Festival on Saturday as a family. It was so much fun to be outside in the amazing weather, and to be spending time with my favorite people.

We got our faces painted...

Enjoyed the beautiful landscape...

Of course, Will and Dad rode the train

Had some yummy treats...

and rode some rides...

Will also rode his first rollercoaster. He was begging to go on it, but once he was on it, all he wanted was to get off! He was not a fan!

Tasha's Shower

I hosted a shower for my good friend Tasha this past Saturday. She is having a baby boy, Boston, on December 7th. We are so excited for the much anticipated arrival of this little one!


Will has really started talking a lot about Jesus. When I was taking him up to his room for his nap today, he saw the picture of Jesus hanging in our hallway and said, "bye bye Jesus...love you!" Oh my gosh!! Can I just say that the tears almost started flowing right there...that's something that I'm sure every mom can't wait to hear!


Time Out for Women

This last weekend, I was fortunate enough to go to "Time Out for Women" with 14 other wonderful women from my ward. It was honestly such an amazing experience filled with spiritual highs, heartfelt sadness, and a lot of good laughs and conversation. Holly and I carpooled to Central PHX together Friday afternoon, checked into the hotel (all 15 women split 3 hotel rooms), and then met everyone at Hard Rock Cafe for a quick dinner. Then, we headed off to the first portion of the event at the PHX convention center. The theme for the conference was "Infinite Hope," ("We hope all things" - Articles of Faith 1:13) On Friday night, we heard from Virginia Hinckley Pearce, Wendy L. Watson Nelson, and Sheri Dew. When Friday night's program was over, we all took the light rail back to our hotel, played games and chatted until 4am!! Yes, I got 3 hours of sleep, and was still able to function the next day...a miracle. Saturday's program consisted of performances from Mercy River, and various speakers including DeAnn Flynn, Brad Wilcox, Merrilee Boyack, Amanda Dickson, and Mariama Kallon. It was such an amazing event, and it made it even better to be surrounded by such wonderful women who truly inspire my life on a daily basis. I definitely plan on attending next year!


The Zoo

We had a really fun day at the zoo with our friends! (even though it was still way too hot!)

October 12x12

I wasn't able to capture a ton of really good pictures from this day, but it was a fun one nonetheless.

1) Will's friend, Brookelle, came over to play in the backyard for a bit 2) This is Will looking very eager to arrive at the train park 3) Again, Will very eager to ride the train at the train park 4) Will admiring his all-time favorite thing - trains 5) Train ride 6) Woke up to my smiling baby girl 7) Bill and I have started taking the family running in the evenings when possible. 8) Thoroughly enjoying his carousel ride (at the train park) 9&10) Lunch with Dad at Jason's Deli in Scottsdale 11) Will and Liv chilling on the floor - love these two! 12) Cute girl!


Practicing tummy time

Will loves to help Olivia practice her tummy time.
Will's haircut...it definitely had been way too long.
Too bad there's no smile from our hansom boy!

Hail Storm

I am just now getting to post about this awesome hail storm we had last week! It was so crazy that I thought our house was going to blow away. I definitely wish we got this kind of weather more often!


Giving loves to baby

Will loves "baby," and he's starting to be so sweet with her. On this day in particular, he was sharing his "bink" (aka blanket) with her. This is a really big deal because Will's "bink" means the world to him...he holds on to it for dear life.

Baby girl - 2 months and smiling!


Just a tidbit...

Recent Will phrases that crack me up...

"What?" (his face expression makes this one hilarious more than anything)
"Help you" (meaning help me)
"What ya doin?"


Last Swim

We took our (probably) last swim of the season tonight. We will miss the pool. Will has gotten so brave...he'll jump in all by himself and run all the way to the deep end. He loves the pool!

Bill and Olivia just hung out. Will loves giving his baby kisses!