Last Weekend

Bill has been working extra long hours, and so family time has been limited lately to say the least. However, this last weekend, we got him all to ourselves...we definitely took advantage of it. On Friday night, we got takeout from Liberty Market, and then let Will play around in the downtown Gilbert splash pad. This is one of our favorite summer weekend activities...Liberty Market is super yummy and the water feature creates a really cool ambiance where the kids can have fun and the adults can sit and relax (and eat out in peace). Of course, we ended the night with DQ.

Cuddles with Dad
On Saturday, we went to the Sea Life Aquarium and Rainforest Cafe in Tempe. It was really cool! It's very kid-friendly, and they had an entire hallway that was made of see through glass where fish were swimming all around you. After a long afternoon nap, we headed up to Kierland to visit H&M and then over to Fry's grocery store for some of the best sushi ever!!

On Sunday, we had a great day at church followed by dinner at our good friend's, the Rigby's. Thanks for the awesome quesadillas Rick!! It was such an awesome weekend...what a treat! Aside from the 106 degree weather that seems everlasting right now, I felt like we were on vacation! I wish there were more weekends like this.


September 12x12

A friend gave me the idea to document all the highlights of the day on the 12th of every month via a picture collage. So, here is the first 12x12 for September.
1)Snuggling with my little princess-that's her favorite position 2)Every morning first thing, a sippy of milk goes to Will and Livvy gets a bottle 3)Will LOVES yogurt 4)Some of our favorite friends, the Bradfords, came over for dinner 5)Olivia posing in her church dress 6)Our most recent exciting purchase - the double BOB (Bill put it together for me) 7)Yummy pot roast brewing for dinner 8)Will sick with a cold and lounging in bed 9)Talking to grandparents in UT on Skype 10)Church 11)Already broke out the candy corn - my fave! 12) The movie "Cars" plays at least once a day at our house.


Utah Pride

I am a Utah man sir, Utah man am I, I am a Utah man sir, Utah til I die! It's football season, and the Knowlton household is representing!


WIll's First Day of Preschool

William started a little neighborhood preschool class today. He was so excited, and his teacher Miss Carly said that he did really well. He got a little upset towards the end when the kids started to leave. He learned about the letter A, the number 1, the color red, and the circle shape. He looks like such a little boy in this picture. I had so much fun walking him to his class, but I was definitely a little sad knowing that this resembles one of the milestones of him growing up.

Happy Camper!

Will is very proud of his new backpack that Dad got him.

His first piece of artwork!