Bows, bows and more bows

Friday night was a bow making party!! We made all sorts of cute bows for Baby Knowlton!



Will is completely obsessed with trains right now. If he sees or hears of anything train related, he is beside himself. I got him a Thomas train set, and he does not stop playing with it. When he wakes up or goes to sleep, the first or last thing he says is always choo-choo. We went on the little Chandler mall train today, and Will was so excited, he couldn't contain himself.


Yoga Girl

While Bill was on his mission in Africa, his mom would send him newspaper articles from the tribune to keep up on what was going on in the US. Well, my high school was featured in the SLC tribune for their yoga program, and there happened to be a picture of me (see below) doing yoga included. Bill's mom happened to send this article to Bill, and he cut out the picture of me, and hung it up on his wall because he thought I was cute...lol. Keep in mind, we had never met before. When we started dating in college, we were looking in scrapbooks and came across this picture, and Bill said, "you're yoga girl?" Sure enough, we made the connection. At that point I think we realized we were destined soul mates.


Summer Begins

Summer has officially hit here in AZ. So, we are taking every opportunity to keep cool, whether we go to the pool or lounge in the backyard swimming pool with lemonade and otter pops.

Will is getting so brave in the pool...he now jumps in and floats in an inter-tube all by himself.

Yes, he jumped in his pool with his clothes still on...I don't blame him because it was that hot.

A little tidbit..Will is saying pretty much everything now, but my very favorite phrase of the week is, "Bye...See you later!" The other funny thing is instead of saying, "mama," it's now just mom, but the way he says it is SO funny. I have to relish these moments because one day I am really going to miss them! Also, the other day he pulled down the front of his diaper, and I said, "Will what are you doing. Do you have to go potty?" He replied, "uh huh" and headed for the potty. I guess it's a start! He also counted to three! What a smart boy!


Meeting with Governor Mitt Romney and Senator McCain

Bill and I are proud precinct committee members for the Republican party in the East Valley. My friend Tasha, she went in Bill's place, and myself had the opportunity to attend a meeting with Governor Romney and Senator McCain today. I must say, the most exciting part was meeting Mitt...he is AMAZING in every sense of the word! I'm going to go ahead and put it out there that I REALLY hope he's our next president!


Memorial Day Mini-vacay in S. California

We went to Southern California over Memorial Day weekend to visit some good friends and get a little R&R. We stayed in San Clemente with our friends from grad school, the Schmitt family, for the first three nights and then spent the last night at a hotel in La Jolla.

We did plenty of playing on the beach...hiking, playing on the playground and in the sand, and going for a long bike ride.

We met up with some of our best friends for a day at Dohini beach. We all have kids that are around the same age, and Will had a blast playing with them! It really made me sad that we don't live closer together so they could play together more often. Bill went longboarding with Brad, and did a lot better than he anticipated. After the beach, we all went to dinner at Baja Tacos (AMAZING!) and then back to Rachel's to chill. Such a great day! We really miss these friends!

Will was fascinated with the ocean, but not so much with the cold water.

While in La Jolla, we went to Coronado Island and took Will to the new Shrek movie since he loves Shrek right now. In fact, he got a plastic Shrek toy in a McDonald's happy meal on the way to CA and carried it around with him everywhere. On Monday, we went to the Birch Aquarium at Scripps.

The aquarium has a few hands-on places that Will really enjoyed. He got to put his hands in the water and touch sea cucumbers and starfish. He thought it was the greatest thing ever.

They also had water tables where you could create rivers and dams, and then float boats down.

The family!

Before we headed home, we had lunch on La Jolla shores. The perfect ending to a fun weekend. Will has all of a sudden started talking like crazy, and one of the funniest phrases the he started saying this trip was "Oh man!" It's hilarious!