Activity Day Luau

We had a really fun Daddy/Daughter Luau for our Activity Day Girls on Wednesday night. Tasha, my good friend (her daughter is Brookelle - the one always seen in pics playing with Will), neighbor, and 1st counselor headed up the event, and it turned out fabulous. It was so cute to see all the girls interact with their dads. I'm so grateful the church has programs like this, and I can't wait for Bill to be able to do this kind of stuff with our little girl.



Will started Soccertots today. It's basically a program run through the city of Chandler that goes for 7 weeks for 45 min. a week. Anyways, they learn some of the basics of soccer geared to 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 yr. olds. At first I was worried Will was a little young to be starting this sort of thing, but I realized I was completely wrong when he jumped right into the class. The coach is really cute with the kids, and I think Will really enjoyed every minute of the class. They learned to tap their toe on the ball, roll the ball back and forth with their foot, kick the ball in the goal, penguin walk on the outside of noodles, ride on a parachute, and kick cones and pick them back up with their toes. It was really fun, and well worth the $15 we spent on the class!



We took Will bowling on Saturday night, and let's just say that the experience was nothing short of a disaster! We thought he would get really excited about it. Instead, he lacked any patience whatsoever, we spent the entire time chasing him out of other people's lanes, and he got his fingers smashed between the balls a few times. On a positive note, we went with a group of our good neighborhood friends, and so the company was fabulous. Good thing we had a redeeming experience at Nielsen's Frozen Custard afterward.

It's not very often that this type of picture ends up on the blog, but this pretty much sums up the night...taken after we denied him a big red slushee that another one of the kids had...we are such awful parents.


Primary President

Today, I was officially sustained as our ward's Primary President. I honestly couldn't feel more grateful to have been blessed with such an amazing calling. Our ward's primary is quite large, and so I know there will be a lot of work, but I have two amazing counselors, a great secretary, a wonderful Bishopric and a primary full of the the most amazing children ever who are worth every second of the hard work. To top it off, I have an amazing husband who is a tremendous help and support. Also, it helps to have the confidence that Heavenly Father will compensate in any other areas that I may need guidance in. We were officially sustained and set-apart today, and I felt the spirit so strongly. I know this is what I need to be doing, and I will do everything I can to fulfill the needs of our ward's primary, and to help the children feel loved by myself and by the Savior.

On another note...Will loves...
To wear his sunglasses

And to water the backyard

And to lounge on our bed watching Shrek



Will is messy...I mean SUPER messy! Whether he's digging around in the dirt outside, playing at the playground, eating a snack in the car or food at the table...he ends up with dirt/food/sand/whatever all over himself. This is especially a problem since he's decided to be a very independent eater and won't let me feed him anymore. I'm really not up for changing his outfit 4 times a day, but I also don't want him looking like an unkempt heathen. What to do?


Easter Weekend

We had such a wonderful Easter weekend, and really tried to go all-out for Will this year.

On Friday night, we had our neighborhood Easter egg hunt at the main park in our community. There were so many kids that the egg hunt was over in one minute. Will loved indulging in all the goodies inside the eggs. They also had a game of flag football and water balloons. It was a great night that ended with ice cream cones.

On Saturday, we went to Mother Nature's Farm for another egg hunt, hay ride, and a walk through the petting zoo.

That afternoon, Bill and Will dyed eggs!! Will was completely fascinated!!

The Easter bunny visited Will Easter morning, and he was so excited!! He tried a peep for the first time.
We had a yummy Easter dinner at the Moyer's house!! It was such a great weekend!