I started a new project...painting my hallway. It might take me a while because I have to do it while Will is napping, but I am loving the color and the difference it is making in our house! Then, it's on the "kid's" (sounds so weird to say) rooms and our room, but I can't even think about that right now.

Tidbits from the Weekend

Feeding the ducks at Freestone...one of our favorite past-times

At a Baptism for a special friend

Republican National Committee

Bill's law firm is corporate counsel to the Phoenix Host Committee. Phoenix is in the running to be the host for the Republican National Committee along with Salt Lake City and Tampa for the the 2012 election. It would be tremendously beneficial for the city of Phoenix if chosen, and exciting for all of us Phoenicians to really get involved during the election. Bill had the opportunity to represent Rose Law Group on the Committee's tour of Phoenix. He met all the big-wigs in Phoenix, including the infamous Steve Nash. Go Bill and Go Phoenix!!


Testing the Water

Today was in the 80's so we decided to test out our neighborhood swimming pool.
We didn't go in past our ankles, but it was still very refreshing and fun.


Events of the Day

A funny thing happened...
*A few weeks ago, we were anxious to find out the sex of our little baby so I went to one of those 3D/4D ultrasound places. However, the ultrasound they did didn't look 3D, but instead like an ordinary ultrasound. Anyhow, the girl said, "I say it's a boy."
I was still a little unsure, and so at my appointment today, I asked my OB to do an ultrasound. He confirmed it's a GIRL!! He said, "there are no signs of boy down there." Funny story. Either way, we couldn't be happier!
However, I must say that I have a lot of preparation and shopping to do!

*Since it was 85 degrees today, I decided to fill Will's little pool up for him to play around in this afternoon. He had a blast. He ended up getting a lot more wet than anticipated...hence the t-shirt and diaper.


Back Home in AZ

We are officially back home in AZ. While I was so happy to be with my grandparents during the first stage of this tough experience, it is always good to return home. On the flight home, Will had a blast! Of course, being Mr. Charming he had the stewardesses attention from the beginning. They were playing with him the whole flight, and he had whatever his heart desired...he got all kinds of treats - a couple bags of pretzels, two sprites, a coloring book with SW wings, you name it. When he dropped his sucker, they said "oh, let me rinse that off for you." It was hilarious how much he was hamming it up with these stewardesses. About three quarters through the flight Will decided to wander into the back area designated for the lavatories and stewardesses. The stewardesses let him play in all their drawers, and even let him sit in one of their seats. He was back there for a good 30 minutes. The reason I tell this story is to simply document one of the best examples of how Will is a sweet little charmer..it's hilarious!
(Not the best photo as it was taken from my phone, but this is one of Will's bffs...
Kaye the SW stewardess)


In Utah

A couple weeks ago, we found out that my sweet grandma has breast cancer. It was a shock for us all as this is the third time she will struggle with cancer (2nd time w/breast cancer). The doctors decided it would be best to do a mastectomy as soon as possible. So, I made plans to fly up to UT for the surgery. I got here on Sunday night, and the surgery was Tuesday. The surgery took place at LDS hospital, and Grandma did phenomenal. The doctor reported that everything went as expected, and there weren't any surprises. She has a follow-up appointment today, and the pathology reports will most likely be available in a week. At that point, we will be able to determine what the next step will be (radiation, chemo, etc..). Our prayers and hopes have been answered thus far. Grandma has felt very calm along the way, and seems to be recovering remarkably well. We pray that everything will continue to progress smoothly. We have felt an amazing amount of love and support!! Thanks to everyone!! We really appreciate it! This is Will making the best of the cold UT weather.



Weekend Fun

Making Cookies
Such a great mom...letting her child eat raw cookie dough.
The Kid's Fair at the Train Park
Petting Zoo

The Blow-up Jumper

The Train

There was also face painting, carousel rides, bouncy houses, clowns and plenty of games...all for free!! Thank you McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park for another great day of fun!!



Is a BOY!!


Little Tidbits

Will loves...
Hanging out with his dadda...especially helping him make dinner

AND having playdates with his friend Kelli. We think he might have a secret crush b/c he's always trying to give Kelli kisses!


Winter BBQ

After we moved into our new house, a bunch of really fun families started moving in nearby. We've been getting to know each other a lot, and it's so fun to have such good friends so close by. We hosted a BBQ at our house to welcome some new neighbors and to simply mingle. It was supposed to be half outside and half inside, but thanks to the beautiful rain, it all ended up being inside. However, it still turned out great, and I think the kids AND adults enjoyed an atypical Sunday evening...good food great company...can't wait to do it again!!

This is Will the day after the BBQ...he fell asleep on the couch at 12pm. He was a tired little guy, and obviously had a lot of fun!