Organ Stop Pizza

We had dinner at Organ Stop Pizza on Saturday night with the neighborhood clan. It was awesome, and we were all completely intrigued the whole time. Organ Stop Pizza is home to The Mighty Wurlitzer. Organ Stop's Mighty Wurlitzer is one of the largest and finest theater organs in the world. Its nearly 6000 pipes, numerous percussions, and countless traps are masterfully presented by The Musical Staff who are world class musicians.

Enjoying Nielsen's Frozen Custard Afterward. Unfortunately, it's tough to get Will to smile for the camera these days.

Haircut...time for a new "do"


Heart Melt

My heart melted today...Will was sitting outside on his picnic table waiting for his afternoon snack. I took it out to him, and the minute I placed it on the table, he folded his arms and bowed his head...he was ready to pray. I have been working with him on this so it made my heart melt when he did it on his own today!!


Picnic in the backyard

I got Will a little sandbox/pool that has a little bench and table on it. We had a picnic on it last night for dinner. The best part about it...Will fed himself and made a total mess, and Molly had no problem cleaning up for us!
Just a little tidbit...Will's favorite thing in the world right now is bananas. He wakes up in the morning, and the first thing he asks for is a "nana." It's so cute, but I think he might be turning into a monkey with all the bananas he's been eating!

President's Day Weekend

Uncle Charlie and Aunt Judi came in town to visit us for President's Day weekend. It was so fun to hang out with them! Will had a blast kicking the ball around at the park with them and also loved when they read to him. We had a yummy lunch at Oreganos for Valentine's Day. They stayed at the Biltmore Resort, and so we spent all day Monday at the Biltmore pool. We had a blast swimming, lounging, relaxing and enjoying the amazing weather. Poor Bill had to work all day, but at least they had rented a cabana with WiFi hookup so he could work poolside.

Playing games - splashing, kicking, and blowing bubbles in the water.

Will loves to wear his towels with the hood on, so Uncle Charlie made sure he could wear his towel without tripping on it.

Watching TV in the cabana.

Sipping on a virgin Pina Colada (Mom's favorite poolside treat).

Going down the slide! Will thought it was the greatest thing ever until he went under the waterfall!

William having the time of his life!


Grandparents in Town

My grandparents have been in town for the last two weeks, and it has been SO much fun. It was sad to see them go. While they were here, they purchased a Wii for us, and little did we know that they were already professionals at Wii sports...it was hilarious...my grandma won every single game of bowling. My grandpa helped us finish painting our downstairs living room and bathroom...what a champ. He did an amazing job! They were also kind enough to watch Will while Bill and I took a three day road trip to Southern Utah for Ginny's funeral services. Will can now say "grandma," "papa," and "more" (there are always treats around when Grandma and Papa are around) perfectly. Will also started saying "love you." We always have a blast when they are in town whether we are just hanging out at home or out and about. We love you Grandma and Papa...come back soon!
Playing at the park with Grandma and Papa.
Getting ready to ride the carousel at the park
Sporting Mama's sunglasses


Goodbye Ginny!

Yesterday Bill's sweet Grandma Urie passed away. She was such a wonderful person in every way, and will be greatly missed. We love you Ginny!