Holiday Cheer

McCormick Stillman Railroad Park turns into a Christmas spectacular during the holiday season. Will saw Elmo, and yelled "Elmo," he was so excited! It was so cute!

Playing at the zoo with his friend, Emma.


Will and Luke taking a tubby

My good friend, Rachel, and her son, Luke came to visit last week. Will and Luke were absolutely hilarious playing together.


Temple Lights

We went to see the Mesa Temple Lights with our good friends, the Barneys. The lights were so beautiful and the whole ambiance was just perfect! Will was so fascinated with everything, and he thoroughly enjoyed hanging out with his best bud, Henry.


Typical Wednesday

We had a playdate with Holland at the mall, and Will had to bundle up!We ventured to the dog park, which was thoroughly enjoyed by all parties.
Will is going through a phase right now where he imitates everyone, including his doggy! This is so nasty, but of course I had to snap a pic before I corrected any behavior.