Box Cars

Everyone remembers the memories of playing with boxes in childhood. We introduced Will to this fabulous home entertainment, and he was definitely a BIG fan! He especially enjoyed being pushed all around the house in his box "car."

Making Cookies

The result of Will helping me make sugar cookies this weekend. Enough said.


The Train Park

We went to the train park today with one of Will's favorite buddies, Emma. We rode the train, which they thought was absolutely fabulous! We also rode the carousel, which Will absolutely hated. We topped the day off with a some fun in the sand and a hot dog. Perfection!

The Zoo

We took Will to the zoo last Saturday, and although it was still a little hot, he enjoyed the splash pad and a yummy snow-cone. He also took a liking to the gigantic turtles.


In loving memory of "Teddy"

We just spoke with our Uganda father, Ssimbwa, who recently returned from the burial of his 10 year old daughter, Teddy. Teddy has been our friend for a long time. We often hoped we could pay for her to fly to the US and stay with us for a while someday. She loved to tease, and would always sing to Bill, "Knowlton, you have bad man-ners." She also loved to attend primary, where she would belt out "Count your blessings." One of our favorite memories was teaching Teddy how to swim at the Entebbe beach resort in 2003. She was so brave.

Teddy suffered from severe asthma. On the day she died, there were massive political protests in the capital city of Kampala, and large amounts of tear gas were dispersed throughout the city. The tear gas exacerbated her asthma, she had an attack, her parents rushed her to the hospital, but the hospital did not have the proper medicine to treat the severity of her attack. She died on Monday, and was buried in Mpigi District (our tribal home) yesterday, surrounded by loving family, friends, and Church members.

While our hearts are breaking at losing such a rising star and dear friend, we rely on the comfort of our faith that we will see Teddy again. Our hearts are in Uganda tonight, and with Ssimbwa's family. Tu naku penda sana, Teddy.

Random Will Goodies

*Everytime we say, "Will it's time to go bub-bye," he grabs the keys and heads for the door...very cute.*
*He loves his sippy cups, especially the ones with straws. However, he hasn't yet learned to breathe while drinking...instead he just holds his breath*
*He is very proud of himself because he can now open and close the door all by himself.*
*He gives a lot of open-mouthed kisses*
*Lastly, Will is getting more cuddly, and I'm loving every minute of it. He gave me an official hug yesterday (tight squeeze and all), and it honestly made my heart melt.*

Bit by a Goose

We went to feed the ducks at Granada Park. All was going well until Will went to go hand an ornery goose a piece of bread, and the goose decided to latch on to his arm. Will was quite alarmed, and of course started screaming, and I panicked. Everything was fine minutes later when he was playing on the playground. Luckily, we took him back again the other day, and he's not totally scarred for life. Lesson learned...stay away from geese!


Will's First Birthday Weekend

Will had an awesome first birthday weekend!!
It started with...Dad taking him to get his very first haircut at V's barber shop. Thanks to a fabulous barber, a tootsie pop, and a comforting dad, he did great and looked absolutely adorable afterward. He now looks even more like a little boy and no longer a baby...very sad day for mom.

Then..it was off to Chuckee Cheese for lunch, which is the best thing out in the middle of a hot AZ summer. Will actually really enjoyed the little kiddie rides, and the pizza wasn't half-bad either.
It was all topped off with...a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse family b-day dinner with cake and ice cream. He especially loved opening presents and playing with the balloons.