Will's First Road Trip

Will and I took our first road trip last week to visit our friends in Southern California thanks to the generous hospitality of the Townsends. We had a fabulous time!! Our trip included a fabulous pilates class, a trip to Yogurtland, lunch at a fun cafe, shopping at the Americana At Brand in Glendale and the awesome Camarillo Outlets, going to the farmer's market and eating pupusas in the park, getting an amazing 1 hr full body massage for $15, reminiscing on college memories while watching the Tour de France, eating delicious homemade ramen noodles at Naga Naga in downtown Pasadena, 21 choices, a trip to the beach (Will especially loved the beach), and Confessions of a Shopaholic. Good times...great company!! Will also loved playing with Kate and Luke while we were there. Hope to do it again soon. However, next time we hope to have Bill come along with us too!!



After a series of continuous ear infections, we decided it was time for Will to have tubes surgery. Before the procedure, he had all of the hospital nurses and doctors in the room playing with him...they were all in love with him. He did phenomenal, and I think Bill and I had a harder time with it than he did. After the surgery, he was a little disoriented (trying to put cheerios on his forehead), but after a quick nap, he was back to his normal self. Hooray for the wonderful world of modern medicine.
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