Very proud

William is very proud. He can stand all by himself, and is even taking a few steps.


9 Months

Will has such a great sense of humor. Lately, he finds it hilarious to make funny faces.
9 Month Stats:
-Still representing 95% across the board in weight (26 lbs), height (31 inches) and head circumference (19 inches)
-Will is crawling, cruising, and climbing on anything and everything...sometimes he thinks he can already walk by himself, but doesn't yet have the balance to do so and thus proceeds to topple over...He is one busy boy to say the least
-Will is clapping, and it's honestly the cutest thing ever!!
-He has officially tried every food out there, and doesn't seem to be a picky eater at all...in fact I think he would even be fine living on dog food
-He has his two bottom center teeth, and the top center tooth is currently pushing through
-He LOVES to be in the water, and is thoroughly enjoying swim lessons
-Favorite toys = remote control, Mom's cell phone and keys, and the dog
-Will loves Sesame Street
-He is saying "mom" and "dada"
Despite going through recent chronic ear infections, pink eye, and minor injuries to the head caused by a very strong desire to walk without experience doing so....Will is such a trooper, and is as happy and lovable as ever!!
Love you Will!!