Hiatus in Utah

Will and I are taking a little hiatus in Utah whilst our dedicated partner in crime is in intense bar prep mode in AZ. (Although sometimes we wonder if he is really laying around at home playing mobwars on facebook and watching countless episodes of Dog the Bounty Hunter...jk)It has been very sad and lonely to be away from the hubster/daddy and home, but we have found a few things to keep us busy.I found this beauty on Craigslist...what a steal. It was enitrely worth the drive to a supposed "Draper" address that turned out to be halfway to Alpine (where there was 4 feet of snow on the ground). It's practically brand new though, and Will can't get enough of it."GG" bought him his first real high chair. This was for sure a hit. He feels like such a big boy sitting around the table with everyone else to eat.Will has been loving being able to hang out with his cousins and other family members. Both sets of grandparents dote on him, and he fully enjoys every minute of it. Yes, it's true...I have been shoveling the snow. Surprisingly, I volunteered to do this job and have found it quite entertaining. I fully expect to have bulging biceps very soon.



William has finally mastered rice cereal so we decided to move on to something we thought would be bigger and better. However, I don't know if that was necessarily the case with squash.


5 Months

...is so ticklish, especially in his arm pits and belly, and has an adorable laugh
...adores his doggy, Molly, and laughs at her all of the time for no reason at all
...loves his tubbies with Dad
...has the most sweet and mellow temperament 
...has such a charming smile
...is a cuddler when he first wakes up
...has the best cheeks for kissing and little doughnuts around his thighs
...is still getting the hang of eating rice cereal
...rolls all over the place and kicks non-stop
...is so strong for his age, and would rather stand assisted, but is still working on sitting up     unassisted
...enjoys going for walks in his stroller
...is VERY vocal...loves to laugh and babble
...thinks it's really funny to be kissed on the neck
...gets loved on by all the ladies at church, they can't get enough of him
...is finally content in his car seat
...is very curious about everything around him and is very alert
...is the sweetest sleeper ever
...is Mr. Personality, a celebrity anywhere we go
...loves being around other people
...makes really funny noises and has a bright red face when he is doing his business, and will cry if Mom tries to imitate this action to anyone else
...is not entertained by Baby Einstein videos whatsoever
...drools constantly
...thinks it's funny to pull Mom's hair
...absolutely loves his Fisher Price jumper
...is fascinated by different noises
...always wants to drink from Mom's glass and gives his parents the "eye" when we're eating
...is wearing 6-12 month clothes
...enjoys swinging in the park
...loves Eskimo kisses
William is the most adorable, sweetest, and amazing little gift I could have ever been given.  I never knew it was possible to love and care for something so much!!  I couldn't imagine life without him.  Love you Will!