Will's 1st Halloween Carnival

Will went to his first Halloween carnival this evening. I think he really enjoyed all of the amusing stimuli because he stared everyone down the entire time, especially his future girlfriend...little Emmie aka the Emster.



My friend Erin tagged me and the rule is, you have to post the 4th picture in your 4th folder in your pictures folder. Then give a brief description before tagging a few more of your friends. Here's mine.

This is a pic from a newspaper clipping on my high school's yoga program taken my Senior year.

I tag everyone who reads this!


Ugandan Visitor

Our dear friend from Uganda, Ssimbwa Bulsulwa, made a surprise visit to Arizona last week. Ssimbwa is the General Manager of African Affairs for the Utah East Africa Foundation and is also one of Bill's closest friends. Whenever we go to Uganda, we stay with Ssimbwa and his family in a suburb of Kampala, and he is instrumental in "getting things done" in Africa.
Our good friends, Tom and Ashley Hatch (Tom and Bill served their missions together), made arrangements for Ssimbwa to make a detour to Arizona during his trip to USA. It was so good to see Ssimbwa, and to spend a few hours catching up.