A fun week of events!!

This last week was full of events. It all started with my birthday on May 6th. My grandparents drove down from UT a little early to spend the occasion with us. On Wednesday, all of Bill's family came into town from UT and VA. Then, on Thursday, Bill graduated from ASU's Master in Real Estate Development Program. On Friday morning, I graduated from ASU with a B.S. in Family and Human Development. (yes...it finally happened!) On Friday afternoon, Bill had his second graduation from ASU's law school where he received a Juris Doctorate. (that's my husband...the over-achiever) Then on Saturday, two of my very good friends threw me a baby shower...thank you Erin and Whitney...it was such a wonderful shower!! So, now Bill and I are officially ready to begin a whole new chapter of our lives and get ready for this wonderful new addition to our family. Thanks to all of our friends and family for all of the support you have given us through this journey...we love you guys!!
My Grandparents
Bill's Parents


Early Intervention

If anyone is interested in early intervention for children ages zero to three, I have learned about an amazing non-profit organization, called "Zero to Three." This organization has a website that offers scientifically based information and tools on how to nurture the development of children. They offer information of a variety of topics including, brain development, child care, child development, language and literacy, health and nutrition, etc. I am absolutely fascinated with this stuff, but the main reason I love this organization and its website is because it is scientifically based so you know you can rely on the information being accurate. I also love that they cater to a variety of needs, taking into consideration that there is not one perfect way to raise children. They have a philosophy that different things work for different people. You should check it out if you are interested. This is actually my dream career...I would love to work at the Phoenix Children's Hospital, or at an organization such as Zero to Three, facilitating early intervention for children. However, I think the best intervention in the world always comes from the home environment!