Random fact about me…not to brag just fun to remember

This time of year really reminds me of lacrosse season. For those of you who don’t already know…I was very into Women’s lacrosse in high school. In fact, my freshmen year, my high school, Judge Memorial, started the first girl’s high school lacrosse team in Utah….very exciting!! Highland was quick to follow, and so let’s just say that we got to play each other pretty frequently. I played the center position, which pretty much meant that I was constantly running up and down the field. I ended up being able to play on a National high school lacrosse team. It was so fun, we got to travel to Baltimore, Maryland and all over California to play in tournaments. The East Coast teams were brutal…they were always so incredibly good. At this one tournament in Santa Cruz, I was standing near the net and a girl totally chucked the ball right into my eye, and it knocked me out. The coach took me out of the game, and I was so sad…I still wanted to play! Anyways, smelling all of the fresh grass this time of year really reminds of always being on the lacrosse field in high school. The sport is so much fun, and the uniforms were always really cute too. I would love to play on a club team someday.


Cute pic!

This picture is just too cute !!!!


Our little baby is a boy!!

At our ultrasound today, the doctor was able to give us a pretty good guess that our little one is a boy. We are so excited! Both of us would have been content with either gender, but it's so fun and exciting to know for sure now. I guess I have a lot of learning to do about boys!?!?!?


It's official...we're having a baby!

I wanted to start this post off with a reflection on getting pregnant from Bill... “Standing near the closed door of my in-laws bathroom on a cold Christmas Eve morning, I ask Kristy if everything is alright while she “administers” the over-the-counter pregnancy test. “Hun, it takes a few minutes for the results to appear,” she calmly explains. Impatiently, I respond “Okay, babe. Let me know if you need anything.” The door to the bathroom slowly opens, and I can see the pregnancy test resting on the edge of the sink. Kristy is standing halfway between the bathroom and the hallway, with an excited smile on her face. She quietly says to me, “Babe . . . we’re pregnant.” “Are you sure? How do you know? Was it a plus sign?” I exclaim in nervous disbelief. I quickly exam the pregnancy test and see the faint appearance of a vertical cross bar intersecting the “non-pregnant” horizontal cross bar, making a pink plus sign. I grab the empty pregnancy test box out of the garbage can and rapidly begin to read the instructions. Sure enough, a plus sign means pregnant. About three minutes later, I learned from my friends at Wikipedia that all store bought pregnancy tests are looking for the presence of the pregnancy hormone, human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), and are 99.9% accurate. I quickly come to the realization that we are, indeed, pregnant.”
So...it's official. Many of you may have already heard...we are pregnant!! We are so excited to begin this new stage in life, and can't wait for our new little addition to the family! We feel so blessed to have this opportunity.


Ballet Camp

I absolutely love this image that I came across because it brings back so many childhood memories. Growing up, I used to go to a ballet camp in Brighton, UT every summer. Our end-of-camp recitals always took place outdoors in a setting similar to this one. It was such an amazing experience to be dancing outdoors in the middle of such a beautiful landscape. We always stayed in the lodge at Brighton...such good memories!


Sheri Dew Fireside

Bill is a member of the J.Reuben Clark law society, and ASU hosted their international conference this year. The conference began last night with a Sheri Dew fireside. It was really good, and she brought up a lot of good points for both lawyers and non-lawyers. She spoke on the principles of leadership. Here they are:
  • Less is more
  • A leader understands what a leader really is
  • Leaders do more than talk
  • Influence depends on trust
  • Al leader seeks counsel, listens, and learns
  • Leaders build bridges between themselves and those they lead
  • Leaders believe in progression because their spirits long to progress
  • Leaders build leaders
  • It's easier to motivate someone to do something hard than to do something easy
  • Men and women are different
  • A leader is optimistic and believes in the possibilities
  • A leader is motivated by a better cause
  • Leaders keep going and must sometimes stand alone.
I think these principles are really neat, and can be applied to every aspect of our lives.


Great Mexican Food

So...ever since Bill and I moved to AZ, we have been in search for a good Mexican restaurant. You tend to get a little picky when you live among a million Mexican restaurants. Anyways...last night our friends introduced us to the most FABULOUS Mexican cuisine EVER!! It's at a restaurant called Rancho de Tia Rosa in Mesa. It is such great food, and the restaurant is decorated completely authentic. Best of all, they have indoor and outdoor seating, and since the weather is so nice recently, we got to sit outside on the patio. It was an overall great experience!


Alternative Birthing Methods

So, I am taking this very interesting class called Infancy & Toddler Development. Today’s lecture consisted of a panel of pro “natural birth” women. They included nurses and midwives. I have actually never thought about having a natural birth because of fear of pain during labor. However, these women offered many good points. They also explained that “natural birth” is actually the traditional way of doing things, and is a much better experience for the mother and her baby. Anyways, I gained a whole new perspective on these methods, and found it very interesting. I would love to know you opinions on the issue. I have included a couple of websites that were offered in class today. The first website is on hypnobirthing and the second is on doulas.