Christmas Fun

We had quite an eventful weekend. Friday started off with a holiday party with good friends. Thanks goes out to the McAdam's for hosting it! Saturday, we had breakfast at one of our favorite restaurants, La Grande Orange. Saturday evening, we had our ward Christmas party. The party's theme was "A Night in Bethlehem," and we played Mary, Joseph and (blonde) baby Jesus. It was really neat.


Will laughing

Will has started to babble and laugh so much. I had him seated in the bumbo chair while I was putting dishes away today. He found it particularly entertaining when I started clacking(is that a word?) the silverware together. This laugh was so funny I had to catch it on camera. Please ignore the spit up on the front of his shirt and the diet coke in the background (I know what you're thinking).


Holiday Electric Light Parade

Christmas is usually associated with snow, and since we don't have that in Phoenix, we have to make a little extra effort to get into the holiday spirit by doing a lot of "holiday" type things. So, on Saturday night, we went to the Phoenix Holiday Electric Light Parade. It featured holiday lights on everything from elaborate floats to marching bands. It was quite the show!! Will loved watching all of the colorful lights, and he was in complete awe the entire time.My boys


Happy Holidays!!

We had a great kickoff to the holiday season this year. We were invited over to our friend's house, the Moyer's, for Thanksgiving dinner, and it was absolutely amazing!! Also, Bill's grandparents were in town, and they had yet to meet Will so we got to introduce Will to them for the first time. They couldn't get enough of him. On black Friday, we were brave enough to fight the crowds at the mall, and Will got to meet Santa for the first time. Santa was a hit to say the least!! I love Christmas...it's definitely my favorite time of year, and it seems that having children brings on a whole new meaning to holidays, making them even more special.


Will's First Trip to the Zoo

Today we ventured out to the zoo with a group of friends. It was such a good time. Will has recently developed an aversion to his car seat (any suggestions?), so we can no longer use the car seat/snap n' go stroller. Since we are waiting for our umbrella stroller to arrive in the mail, we used our BOB stroller for the first time. Will is still a little small for it, and so I was afraid he wasn't going to like it, but he LOVED it...he even fell asleep in it. He really enjoyed the zoo...Although he probably cared less about the animals, I think he found it fascinating to just look around at all the different things going on. Anyways, it was a really good morning at the zoo...great entertainment, good weather and good company!!


"In the Club"

Last Friday I opened William's first savings account with the gift money he received when he was born. When we walked into the Chase branch everyone was jumping out of their seats to help us because they wanted see William...it was really cute. The branch manager came and introduced herself to us and gave William a special gift, a Chase picture frame, for him to remember this special event. Love Chase!! So, as they say in the movie "Catch Me if You Can," William is officially "in the club..." if that even makes any difference these days who knows, but it was fun anyhow.


It's Hoodie Season!!


William's Baby Blessing

Today we blessed Will at our home ward building. Most of our family and friends were able to come. Since we had stake conference, we held the blessing as a separate event in the afternoon. It was such a wonderful event, and Bill gave William an absolutely wonderful blessing.




Will's 1st Halloween Carnival

Will went to his first Halloween carnival this evening. I think he really enjoyed all of the amusing stimuli because he stared everyone down the entire time, especially his future girlfriend...little Emmie aka the Emster.



My friend Erin tagged me and the rule is, you have to post the 4th picture in your 4th folder in your pictures folder. Then give a brief description before tagging a few more of your friends. Here's mine.

This is a pic from a newspaper clipping on my high school's yoga program taken my Senior year.

I tag everyone who reads this!


Ugandan Visitor

Our dear friend from Uganda, Ssimbwa Bulsulwa, made a surprise visit to Arizona last week. Ssimbwa is the General Manager of African Affairs for the Utah East Africa Foundation and is also one of Bill's closest friends. Whenever we go to Uganda, we stay with Ssimbwa and his family in a suburb of Kampala, and he is instrumental in "getting things done" in Africa.
Our good friends, Tom and Ashley Hatch (Tom and Bill served their missions together), made arrangements for Ssimbwa to make a detour to Arizona during his trip to USA. It was so good to see Ssimbwa, and to spend a few hours catching up.


Taking a Stroll

Sometimes when Will gets fussy I take him outside for a walk and it instantly calms him down. The weather is starting to get nice in AZ, and so it makes being outside very enjoyable. However, it's still very sunny, and so of course he needs to sport an ultra cute hat!


Serious William


First Sponge Bath

Blanket Time


Sweet William


William Hooper Knowlton

William was born at St. Joseph's Hospital in Phoenix, AZ at 10:02am on August 30, 2008; weighing in at 9 lbs. 13 oz., and being 21 inches in length. After 16 hours of labor and 3 hours of pushing with no progress, the Doctor reccomended a C-Section. Both mom and baby are doing great!


An Update

Well, little William has decided that he is very cozy inside my belly. As of this morning, I am dilated to a 2, which really doesn't mean anything I'm finding out. I have set an induction date for this Friday, the 29th in case he decides not to come on his own before then. So, regardless we will have little William here by this weekend, which is is very exciting!! We will keep you all posted. Thanks for all of your thoughts and prayers!! We are so blessed to have such great family and friends.


Havasupai Flooding

Many of you have heard that Havasupai has recently flooded. Here is a snapshot of the before and after.




Happy Anniversary!!

Bill and I recently celebrated our 5 year anniversary on August 7th. I can't believe these years have gone by so fast. Bill, thank you for 5 amazing years. I am so excited for what lies ahead in our future...love you!!

John Adams HBO Film Series

We recently started watching this HBO film series on John Adams. It is amazing, and I HIGHLY recommend it!! It chronicles the life of John Adams, and demonstrates how he fought for our country's independence. Bill and I usually love a good historical film, but this one is extraordinary and would be entertaining to anyone. You can rent it at Blockbuster or get it on Netflix. You can read more about the series here.


The Unfortunate Incident of a Pregnant Woman One Summer Night

It’s 2 AM in the morning, and I wake up drenched in sweat. My first thought is, why did the fan turn off? AZ summers require a mixture of a fan and air conditioning to keep cool, and also to keep your electric bill from skyrocketing $400 a month. So, I go to turn on the fan, and it doesn’t turn on. The bathroom light switch doesn’t either. I think to myself, Oh great…the power is out in the middle of August and I here I am in all of my 9 month “pregosaurus” glory…this is going to be fun.

During the months of July and August, AZ has really neat monsoon storms. It rains like no other for an hour or so, is windier than anything you’ve ever seen, and the lightning is incredible. The storm lasts for a few hours at most, and then it just stops. This is most likely the reason the power went out.

Ok, no sweat, the power will be back on soon enough. I mean this is considered an emergency in AZ in the summer, right? I get an idea to take a nice cold shower, and all I have to do is find a lighter or some matches to light some candles. However, I can’t find either of course. I go and plop on the couch to see if I can just fall back asleep, but no such luck. I try to open the patio door in hopes that some cool air might flow in, but oh wait, now it’s not only 115 degrees outside, but it’s also humid, so no such luck there. We are blessed with the fact that it doesn’t cool down in the evenings this time of year. So, I get the gumption to attempt the match search once again. However, this time, I accidentally stumble over a big picture currently sitting on our floor, and yell out some not so nice words. The sleeping husband finally awakes to help me on my search. He found the lighter, and I light some candles. I get all hyped up for my nice cold shower. I hop into the shower, and it feels wonderful, and I am so relieved for a couple of minutes until all of a sudden I feel the temperature start to get warmer and warmer. I had forgotten that it's impossible to keep faucet water cold this time of year because all of the pipes are so warm. (that could also be one of the many products of apartment living)

So, it is now 3 AM in the morning, and the power is still not turned back on. Hopefully I will be laughing about this tomorrow, but for now I’m pretty much miserable.



Happy Birthday Bill!!

Yesterday was Bill's 30th B-day!! Happy happy birthday babe!! I know he was feeling a little weird about turning the big 3-0, but he's still as hansom and wonderful as ever!! I love him so much, and am so grateful that he was born. Bill, you are amazing in every sense of the word. This year will be an exciting one for him as we welcome a new addition to our family, he settles down with a job, takes the bar, etc... I am so proud of him...he has accomplished so much already within these 30 yrs, and I know we only have so much more to look forward to.

Of course we had to do a little celebrating at our favorite Indian Restaurant, called Flavors of India, with some of our friends.
(The McAdams, Hawkes, Seibels and Laytons)


Mori Zabron Mwaipopo: 05/08/06 - 06/27/08

Our beloved son, grandson, brother, nephew, cousin, and friend, Mori Zabron Mwaipopo, returned to his Heavenly Father after being tragically stricken with malaria shortly after his family's return to their ancestral home of Tanzania. This beautiful boy was one of the first Tanzanian children born into the new and everlasting covenant, and was the pride and joy of his parents Hope and Zabron, and adored by his twin sister, Dahari (not to mention the inspiration of his extended Knowlton family).During Mori's short life, he inspired the lives of all with whom he came in contact with. Mori and Dahari Mwaipopo were born on May 8, 2006 in San Diego, California, to the proud parents of Hope and Zabron. Zabron was Bill's traning companion in the Kenya, Nairobi mission and saved Bill's life on 3 different occasions. After Zabron's mission, Bill's family sponsored Zabron to pursue his education at BYU, where he obtained a BS in Civil Engineering. While at college, Zabron met his celestial bride, Tumwaini "Hope" Mfundo (who was, ironically, from Zabron's hometown in Tanzania). As can be expected, the Mwaipopo family became an extension of the Knowlton family, and we love them dearly.After celebrating his second birthday with his sister in Escondido, California, Mori's family returned to Dar-es-saalam, Tanzania to begin a new life in our Lord's east African vineyard. Mori and his sister were jubilantly welcomed home in Africa by a host of grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, family friends, and Church members. The Mwaipopo's return to Tanzania was noticed by the Area Authority in Johannesburg, South Africa, who have big plans for them in helping to build the Lord's kingdom in east Africa.

Mori, our perfect "little gentlemen," will be dearly missed by his entire family here in the USA and in Tanzania. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Mwaipopo family during this dark time. May our Lord's tender mercies pour out abundantly upon these good people. I love you Mori with all of my heart, and I look forward to the day that I can embrace you again. Your perfect life will motivate all of us to live better lives so that we can return to live with you and our Heavenly Father again.

Each life that touches ours for good
Reflects thine own great mercy, Lord.
Thou sendest blessings from above
Through words and deeds of those who love.

What greater gift dost thou bestow,
What greater goodness can we know
Than Christ-like friends, whose gentle ways
Strengthen our faith, enrich our days.

When such a friend from us departs
We hold forever in our hearts
A sweet and hallowed memory,
Bringing us nearer, Lord, to thee.

For worthy friends whose lives proclaim
Devotion to the Savior's name,
Who bless our days with peace and love,
We praise thy goodness Lord above.


Dirty Dancing UK

Those of you who are fans of the Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey classic "Dirty Dancing" will appreciate this! Umm...Bill, why didn't we do this at our wedding?


Ode to Molly

I love this dog.!! Yesterday she was smelling my belly and started licking it. Although she was probably sniffing leftovers from lunch that so easily relocate to my belly "aka shelf" these days, I like to think she was kissing the baby. I always wonder if dogs can sense such a thing? I can already tell that Molly is going to be such a good big sis to our new little one. We love this dog. From the moment she entered our home, we have embraced her with all of the love in the world, and she has given us the same in return. She is such a good companion, and always there for you with a smiling face. (Of course the smile is a little bigger if a treat is involved) Anyways, summer is a little rough for her because we can't go outside and play fetch as much due to the heat. Instead, we have to take her to our friend's house to go swimming...which she totally loves!!


My New Best Friend

Recently I've been trying to savvy up on my cooking skills, and my friend Erin gave me a copy of the Everyday Food magazine. Thank you Erin! It is awesome!! I've already tried a few recipes out of the June issue, and have loved every single one of them. The magazine contains really yummy everyday recipes that are easy and don't contain a ton of ingredients. The best part about it is that it's only $12 for 10 issues. Anyways...you can subscribe to it here. I highly recommend it!


Hot weather!!

So I'm sitting here complaining about the 111 degree weather today (supposed to be 115 tomorrow) which feels like 130 to me right now, and I came across a fun fact about five of the hottest places in the world and their average temps. Do people seriously live in these places?
  • Greenland Ranch, CA: 134 degrees
  • Kebili, Tunisia: 131 degrees
  • Tombouctou, Mali: 130.1 degrees
  • Ahwaz, Iran: 128.3 degrees


David's Baptism

This last weekend we went to SLC for our nephew's, David's, Baptism and to see Ashley and her cute new little baby boy, James. It was so much fun!! I got to spend an entire day hanging out with Ashley and little James...just like old times...thanks Ash!! David's Baptism was great, and Bill gave a wonderful talk. I also got to spend some time shopping for baby stuff with my grandma, which is always fun. I do have to say that it was a bit chilly for the typically perfect UT weather in June, but nice for a change.Grandpa Urie(Bill's grandpa), Casey (Bill's oldest brother), Hooper (Bill's dad) and David


A couple of things I just love

Otter Pops...so refreshing during the summer...a perfect treat
Pureology Hydrate Shampoo and Conditioner...has a refreshing mint fragrance that wakes you up in the morning and is great for color-treated hair


A fun week of events!!

This last week was full of events. It all started with my birthday on May 6th. My grandparents drove down from UT a little early to spend the occasion with us. On Wednesday, all of Bill's family came into town from UT and VA. Then, on Thursday, Bill graduated from ASU's Master in Real Estate Development Program. On Friday morning, I graduated from ASU with a B.S. in Family and Human Development. (yes...it finally happened!) On Friday afternoon, Bill had his second graduation from ASU's law school where he received a Juris Doctorate. (that's my husband...the over-achiever) Then on Saturday, two of my very good friends threw me a baby shower...thank you Erin and Whitney...it was such a wonderful shower!! So, now Bill and I are officially ready to begin a whole new chapter of our lives and get ready for this wonderful new addition to our family. Thanks to all of our friends and family for all of the support you have given us through this journey...we love you guys!!
My Grandparents
Bill's Parents