DG Bid Day 2001

Over Thanksgiving weekend I was going through a bunch of stuff at my grandma's house. I came across this picture of our Delta Gamma pledge class. I just had to post it in honor of all the good ol' Delta Gammas...pledge class 2000! Love and ITB!


GoldenSpoon Frozen Yogurt

When I lived in sugarhouse (SLC), there was a GoldenSpoon shop located right on the corner of our neighborhood. I started going to GoldenSpoon as soon as I could walk. Then a very sad thing happened and all of the GoldenSpoon shops in UT shut down. Much to my excitement, they are currently sprouting up all over AZ, and I am SO excited!! ( I won't mention that I really wanted to open a GoldenSpoon in AZ like 4 years ago, and then of course someone else did it...oh well) FYI...GoldenSpoon has a variety of delicious frozen yogurt flavors, and the best part of it is that they are all fat free and lo-cal. You can find a GoldenSpoon location here.


I've Been Tagged

Jobs (in no particular order):
1. Paralegal
2. Personal Banker
3. Sales Associate
4. Aerobics instructor

Jobs I'd Like:
1. Teacher
2. Owner of a “La Caille” type wedding reception place in AZ
3. Adolescent Counselor
4. Aerobics instructor

Movies on PeteandRepeat:
1. The Goonies
2. French Kiss
3. Dirty Dancing
4. How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days
5. The Holiday
6. Pursuit of Happyness

1. The Poisonwood Bible
2. Gift from the Sea
3. How to be Lovely
4. The Lost Choice

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things To Do:
1. Anything with my hubby
2. Play with Molly
3. Entertaining
4. Read
5. Shop
6. Go to Broadway shows
7. Travel

I've Lived:
1. Salt Lake City, Utah
2. Sandy, Utah
3. Phoenix, AZ

Favorite Foods:
1. Fruit
2. Chicken marsala
3. Ribs from Houston’s
4. Anything Mexican
5. Sushi
6. Strawberry shortcake or trifle

Places I'd Rather Be:
1. Vacationing in Hawaii or somewhere else
2. In Utah with my family and friends
3. Walking on the beach
4. New York City or San Francisco
5. At a cabin in the mountains
6. At the spa (great idea Laura!)

Words I Quite Like:
1. Ambiance
2. Divine
3. Coalesce
4. Transpire
5. Decadent

Tag! You're It:
1. Katie
2. Erin
3. Emily
4. Jessie
5. Sarah
6. Anyone else who wants to do this!



The Real Simple Spice System

If you are like us, and have little kitchen space to store things like spices, then you will definitley appreciate this little discovery courtesy of Real Simple. Instead of having all of your spices crowded in the cupbaord where you can hardly see them all, this system helps you to easily orgainze them in labeled tins that you can store wherever. I'm sure there are a plethora of other things you can do with these little tins as well. Check the Real Simple article out here .


The Mwaipopo Twins

This is Mory and Dahari Mwaipopo. Their father, Zebron Mwaipopo, was one of Bill's mission companions, and has since been like a brother to Bill. Both Zebron and his wife, Hope are originally from Tanzania, and met in the US while attending school. (They both came to the US to attend BYU...Zebron actually graduated in civil engineering!) They now live in Southern California with hopes of moving back to Tanzania as soon as possible.



The Suns officially kicked off their 2007-2008 season on Friday night against the Lakers. Unfortunately, we got off to a bad start and lost (119-98). Our friends invited us to the game, and we had amazing seats so it was really fun even though we got our butts kicked! There is something to be said about men's basketball, and especially going to men's basketball games. It's SO fun and SO entertaining!! You can check out the Pheonix Sun's here.