Biltmore Ward Halloween Carnival

This last weekend was our ward's annual Halloween carnival. The Young Men/Young Women were in charge of the spook alley. Bill and I both have callings in the Young Men and Young Women, and so of course we had to go all out. I must say that the carnival was an overall success...it was really fun! However, should I be nervous that people were telling us how great our costumes were, and how we reminded them of their relatives? Anyways...here are a few highlights...Punk Rockers??

Bishop Menlove (dressed up as a missionary) and Bill
A couple of the Young Women
One of the Young Men in the spook alley
Our good friend Elizabeth Menlove, her daughter McKenna (left) and one of our other favorite little one's, Samantha (right)
More youth


Girl's Trip

My friends and I try to have an annual girl's trip. This last weekend we all met in Orange County. It was so good to see everyone, and get caught up on everyone's lives. We did a lot of shopping, ate at some really good restaurants (including my all time fave....El Torito), went on a really pretty walk on the beach, and spent a lot of time simply chatting. I am so grateful to have such wonderful friends!
(From left to right...Ashley, Kim, Rachel)
Love you guys!

CityScape Groundbreaking

Last night, we went to the groundbreaking ceremonies of RED Development's new CityScape project in central Phoenix. It was an amazing event, and the project is going to be incredible. CityScape is to Phoenix is what The Gateway was to Salt Lake City. From their website: "CityScape is an inspiring multi-use destination, providing a focal point for urban living and community activity, connecting the dynamic people, places and events of metropolitan Phoenix. The goal of this project is to create a thriving urban environment in the heart of Downtown Phoenix, creating one of the highest energy locations in the Valley, if not the state. It will be a hub of activity that blends residential space with urban living, work, shopping and entertainment opportunities. Combine a transit-friendly development with useful open spaces, and this dense urban living environment will be home for some and a destination for all."
Here is a picture of Bill and some of his MRED associates at the event. You can learn more about the Cityscape project here.


Happy Birthday Josh!

Today is my nephew, Josh's, birthday. He is turning five. He's such a cute little guy, and we miss him so much. We are so grateful that he was born! Love you Josh!

This is a picture of his little sister, Sarah. He also has an older brother, David, and an older sister, Alexis.


Go Ash!

Ok-so my friend, Ashley, might kill me for putting this photo up of her Halloween costume, but I think it is definitely blog worthy. Ash-you are absolutely hilarious. Remember when we dressed up for songfest practice in similar outfits? I am laughing out loud. Anyways-I love you!


Congrats to the Asay's!!

One of my long-time best friends, Emily Asay, had a little baby boy last night. They named him Robert Charles Asay, and plan on calling him "Bobby." He weighed in at 9lbs 10 oz. He is 21 inches long and has tons of hair. Mom and Dad are both doing well! Emily was my first friend at the Delta Gamma house, and we instantly bonded. I greatly treasure our friendship. Emily is such an amazing person, and there is no doubt that she will be an amazing mother. Emily and Ben-I'm so happy for you, and I can't wait to meet your new addition to the family!! He is darling!!


What a find!

So I think I have officially found the treasure of all treasures at my favorite local grocery store, Trader Joes. I found a reduced fat cilantro salad dressing that tastes just like the cilantro salad dressing at Cafe Rio. When I initially bought it, I thought it might be a semi-good alternative to the delicious Cafe Rio dressing. However, I was oh so wrong...it's just as good and half the fat and calories. Not that I actually know the nutrition facts of the Cafe Rio one, but I can only imagine. So if you're up for a healthy and delicious treat stop by your local Trader Joes.



I want to preface this post by saying that I absolutely love Phoenix, AZ. The summers can be dreadful, but for the rest of the year it is sunny and beautiful. HOWEVER, I can't deny that I really miss the seasons in SLC, UT. I read Muranda's Fall post, and I started to remember all of the little things that I love about the seasons...especially fall.