Bill's First Trial

Today was Bill's first official trial at the law school. He has been taking this two week trial advocacy intensive course, and his final was based on this trial. He was the prosecuting attorney in a case where a woman got run over and killed by a big truck. He did such a good job...I was so proud of him. He thinks so well on his feet, and it seems to come so naturally for him. They were in need of jurors, and so he asked a bunch of the youth in our ward to help out. They were more than happy to participate, and ended up having a really good experience. I am so proud of my JD in training...he is going to make an amazing lawyer.


The Mwaipopo Twins

Bill's family was kind enough to take one of his mission companions, Zebron Mwaipopo, from Africa under their wing. They paid for him to travel to the US and receive an education at BYU. He was fortunate enough to meet a woman, Hope, at BYU from his same country in Africa. They were later married in SLC temple. About one year ago, they had two beautiful babies, Morrie and Dahari.

They recently had their one year birthday.


ASU...here I come!

So…I am officially an ASU student. I got all of my stuff transferred over from the University of Utah and from Mesa Community College. I’m going to be able to finish my degree in Family and Human Development by the spring of 2008. I’m so excited. It’s taken me long enough, but everyone knows that I didn’t really pay a ton of attention at the U of U. Then when we moved to AZ, I had to wait a good 2 years to start up again so that I didn’t have to pay out of state tuition. By that time, Bill was in law school, and I could only go to school part time because I was working full time as well, but at least I’m finally finishing! I would absolutely love to eventually get my teaching certificate as well down the road. Wohoooo!!!!


My 25th Birthday!

I have had such a fabulous 25th birthday. Since my b-day fell on a Sunday this year, I got to celebrate my birthday two days in a row. Saturday began with a young women’s meeting at The Good Egg restaurant. Then my friend, Whitney, treated me to a pedicure at Charlie’s nails. Later that afternoon, Bill and I went to Spiderman 3 with our other friends, Erin and David. It was so good. I highly recommend it! After the movie, Bill took me to dinner at Houston’s, which was incredible as usual.
On Sunday, we went to church, had a great fast and testimony meeting, and the young women got these gorgeous flowers for me, which was so cute. I came home and my friend from work had left some yummy treats and a cute balloon on the doorstep. That evening, the Menloves had a birthday dinner for me. We had these divine pork tenderloins, and a lot of other yummy things. It was so fun! We ended the dinner with a traditional birthday toast.
My birthday couldn’t have been more perfect. I got to celebrate it with good friends and my hubby. The only thing that was missing was my family and other best friends. However, they were all kind enough to call and wish me a happy birthday along with sending cards and other fun stuff. I couldn’t have had a better kick off to a new year of my life.